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Month: January 2015

There’s A Cell Phone Tower On My Condominium Roof

There have been many studies over the past few years about the potential impact cell phone towers erected near residences may have on humans. Some scientists have reported that long term exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) energy used to communicate from cell phones to towers can lead to changes in brain activity, brain reaction times […]

Condos Can Recover Reasonable Expenses Incurred to Collect Condo Fees Arrears

Condo fees are the lifeblood of condominiums. One owner’s failure to pay his share of common expenses causes suffering to all of the other owners in more than one way. First, the innocent owners have to bear the financial burden of the delinquent owner who benefits from services without paying his share. As importantly, the […]

Can Condominiums Prevent Short-term Leasing of Units?

Recently, owners living in an exclusive condominium complex downtown asked me whether there was anything that could be done to prevent short-term leasing of condo units in their complex. Short-term rentals can indeed be quite problematic for a condominium corporation and its owners. We have dealt with many compliance issues which involve units in which […]