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Month: June 2015

‘New Condo Act’: Directors’ Qualifications and Disclosure Obligations

Bill 106 was introduced at Queen’s Park on May 27, 2015. If adopted, it will introduce sweeping changes to the governance and management of condominiums in Ontario.  Since the introduction of this Bill, we have been blogging on the proposed amendments.  In this post, we analyse what changes may be made to the qualifications and […]

Amendments to the Condo Act: the New Condo Authority and Condo Tribunal

As announced in our post of May 27, the province of Ontario finally released its much anticipated proposed amendments to the Condominium Act.  If made into law, Bill 106 will serve to amend our 15 year old Condominium Act as well as other legislation pertaining to condominiums in Ontario.  For instance, Bill 106 would amend certain portions […]

Email Exchanges Between Directors Can Be Defamatory

Directors should be careful about what they email to one another or what they email to owners. There are plenty of instances where communications between directors (or communications to owners) have lead to defamation lawsuits. Defamation covers any communication that tends to lower the esteem ordinary members of the public may have of someone. Sometimes, even innuendos […]

Should Your Condo Corporation Pay HST If It’s Not Specifically Included in a Quote?

Have you ever faced a situation where a contractor requested taxes over the quoted price? How much should your condominium corporation budget for if all that the contractor quoted was a flat amount without details as to whether it includes HST or not? HST has to be paid and parties cannot contract out of it.  However, […]

What to Do When AirBNB Moves into Your Condominium Complex?

Many condominium corporations have had to struggle with owners (or occupants) leasing their units on short-term basis, through AirBNB or other similar short-term rental organizations. These kinds of rentals increase traffic and the burden on the rest of the condominium community, while reducing the safety and security of all.  This post aims at providing corporations […]

Employers Must Display Employment Standard Information

To ensure that employers understand their obligations and that employees know their rights, the Ontario Minister of Labour has published an Employment Standards Poster entitled “Employment Standards in Ontario”. If your condominium corporation has employees (such as a Superintendent or cleaning staff), it is required to post and distribute this poster. The poster describes important rights […]