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More Regulatory Proposals for the Condo Industry

The province has issued more regulatory proposals for your review and comments. These ones are less substantive in nature and deal with the mechanics of setting up the various Authorities and the Tribunal which will oversee this new legislative regime. Now is the time to share your opinions… or forever hold your peace!

New Proposal to Regulate the Condo Industry

I know it’s hard to keep up, but the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has issued, this past Friday, another set of regulatory proposals for your review and comments.  The province proposes to:

  • Designate the Condominium Authority of Ontario to administer certain provisions of the Condominium Act and to oversee the operations of the Condominium Authority Tribunal.  This would become effective in mid to late 2017;
  • Designate the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario to administer most provisions of the Condo Management Services Act.  This would become effective in mid to late 2017;
  •  Set up the Condominium Authority Tribunal to start hearing some of the disputes between corporations, owners and mortgagees. It appears that, as early as the fall of 2017, some disputes relating to requests to access corporate records will be heard by this new Tribunal.  The regulation also provides that the Tribunal’s decisions will be made available on the internet (at no charge) after having been stripped from some personal identifying information.

We invite you to read our previous post if you want more details on what the Condo Authority and the Condo Tribunal will do.

The Province is Inviting Your Comments

The implementation of the “Act to protect Condominium Owners” will take place in phases.  As it is rolling this new legislative regime out, the province is consulting with the public and stakeholders to gather their expertise and opinion on the development and implementation of this important legislation.

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is inviting comments by April 10, 2017.  Comments can be sent to :

56 Wellesley Street West, 6th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 1C1

Comments can also be sent by email. You should quote proposal number 17-MGCS004.