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New Condo Authorities Launch their Websites!

The “new” Condo Act and the new Condo Management Services Act are expected to be implemented in phases over the next few months. While proposed regulations to this legislation are still in draft form, the new “Condo Authorities” expected to be set up just launched their web sites. Have a look!

The Condominium Authority of Ontario

Ontario is expected to set up a new Condominium Authority (the “CAO”). When fully operational, the CAO will offer services to protect and serve the condo community. The CAO is expected to provide information for condo owners, including basic information about condo ownership and condo living, as well as a guide for condo buyers. It will also provide education for condo directors and will provide other helpful tools and resources. Finally, it is expected to provide self-help tools for members of condo communities across the province.

Have a look at their brand new website.  It’s already full of information for condo stakeholders.

The Condo Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario

The Condo Management Services Act is expected to set up this Condo Management Regulatory Authority (the “CMRAO”). When fully operational, the CMRAO is expected to administer the mandatory licensing of all condo managers and management providers in Ontario.  Over time, it will establish training and education requirements for condo managers, oversee the profession and ensure the applicable legislation and Code of ethics are enforced. The CMRAO is expected to respond to complaints from the public about condo managers or management providers.

Have a look at their brand new website! It already provides a list of some of the tasks to be expected of condo managers!

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