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Input Requested on Changes to the Legislation Dealing with Condo Conversion Projects

The province is seeking your input on proposed regulations that would extend most new home warranty plan coverage to certain residential condominium conversion projects.  Feedback is invited until September 25, 2017.

Bill 106 (the Protecting Condo Owners Act) brought changes to various pieces of legislation, including the Condo Act, the Building Code Act and the  Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.  As part of this revamping of the condo industry, the province is now proposing changes that would extend most new home warranty protections to more residential condo conversion projects. A condo conversion project is usually one that incorporate pre-existing elements, such as an existing façade or the entire frame and building envelope of an existing building.

Implementing the proposed changes requires Tarion, which administers the warranty coverage, to develop by-laws which are deemed to be regulations under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. The proposed regulations would set out specific requirements to apply to conversion projects in order for them to be covered by the New Home Warranty Programs.

The government and Tarrion anticipate that the warranty coverage for these conversion project would begin in January 2018.

A more detailed description of the proposal is included in the province’s “Plain Language Summary of Proposal“.

You can comment on these proposal by email.

You are also invited to complete the province’s survey on the topic.

These public consultations are your invitation to comment and make a difference.

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