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Mandatory Registration of All Condos in Ontario

My condo corporation recently received a letter from the Condo Authority of Ontario, inviting us to register the corporation and to pay the initial Assessment Fee. These steps are mandatory and all condo corporations must comply. Here’s how.

*The deadline to register your corporation and pay the assessment fee has been extended until February 28, 2018.

Condo Authority of Ontario

The CAO has been established under the Condo Act to improve condominium living in the province by providing services and protections to condo owners.  The CAO will provide easy-to-use information, mandatory training for directors and an online dispute resolution, including through the new Condo Authority Tribunal.

Mandatory registration

One of the things the CAO will do is maintain a registry of all condominium corporations in Ontario.  It’s actually odd that none exist already.  This Registry will be publicly accessible. As the Registry presently stand, anyone using it will need to have the Corporation’s name (or operating name) and the postal code.  I’m not sure why this dual requirement in the search terms.  This may render the Registry difficult to use and not as publicly accessible as initially expected.

To create this Registry, the CAO needs all condominium corporations to register their information.  This is mandatory and must be done before February 28, 2017.

To get the process started, the CAO has sent out an invitation letter to all condos across Ontario.  Naturally, not having your address already makes it difficult for the CAO to write to you.  In the case of my own corporation, the CAO’s letter only showed the civil street address (which is the address of service appearing in our declaration). The letter was left in the mailroom and a charitable neighbour left it on my door.  I’m not sure how that’s going to work for other corporations such as townhome projects or in cases where the address of service is that of the developper.

Fear not: if you have not received your CAO invitation yet, you can contact the CAO at In fact, you should appoint someone on the board or your condo manager to do so without delay.

What info you need to register

To register your condo, you will need:

  • The unique invitation code (included in the letter sent to you)
  • The type of condominium corporation being registered (standard, leasehold, phased ….)
  • The service address for the condominium corporation
  • The number of units and voting units (Parking units and lockers units don’t vote)
  • The names, email addresses, and terms for condo directors (this information is optional)
  • If applicable, the name, email address and firm of your condo manager (this information is optional)

Once you have all of the above, click here to register your condo corporation. You will be re-directed to the CAO website.

Once your corporation is registered, you’ll be able to pay the new Assessment fees by credit card, interact or by sending a cheque, certified cheque or money order to the CAO. You will have until February 28, 2017 to do so.

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