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AGM Notice Calculator

The amended Condo Act imposes new deadlines by which corporations must notify owners of upcoming AGMs. These deadlines are strict ones and can be quite confusing.  Fear not, the Condo Adviser has developed an “AGM Notice Calculator” to help you identify these important deadlines. Give it a try!

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New notice requirements

Whether you are planning on calling an AGM or another owners meeting for your condo corporation, there are new strict deadlines by which:

  1. The Corporation must send a Preliminary Notice of meeting;
  2. Owners can respond to the Preliminary notice (for instance if an owner wants to run for election, wants to suggest an Auditor for consideration or wants to suggest an issue be added to the Notice of meeting);
  3. The Corporation must send its Notice of meeting.

We have blogged about these requirements already.

The AGM Notice Calculator

We have developed an “AGM Notice calculator” to help you identify these important deadlines.

We’ve also added a new tab at the top of our home page for easy access to our AGM Calculator.


Please note that the above calculator identifies the minimum notice periods applicable to Ontario. It is possible to send notices earlier than provided above. In such cases, you may need to recalculate and adjust the other deadlines accordingly. You may also want to allow yourself an additional buffer to ensure your notices are given in time and to allow sufficient time to address any last minute issues.  Please also note that the above calculator is provided as guidance only. Corporations must verify and calculate the deadlines applicable to their specific situation. Corporations should also ensure that their notification and delivery process complies with their governing documents.

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