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Condo Learning Opportunities February/March

Are you looking for networking opportunities or to get more knowledgeable on condo matters? On the last Thursday of each month, we provide a comprehensive list of all known condo training and networking events in Ontario. Each of these offers a unique opportunity to gain condo knowledge and to meet with other like-minded condo-driven individuals.  Read on to find an event near you.



  • February 16: ACMO – GTA Luncheon – Information
  • February 28: CAI – A Director’s Guide to the Amended Condo Act – Information – our own Rod Escayola is scheduled to present at this event.


  • February 8: Condo Adviser event for managers: Navigating the Condo Forms (for managers only, write to us for more info.)
  • February 28: CCI – Baby or Boomer: Concurrent Panels on New and Aging Communities – Information


  • February 6: CCI – Take the Bite out of Bugs! – Sign Up


  • February 9: CCI – Lunch & Learn – Building Envelope Solutions – Sign up


  • February 27: CCI – Prep Course for the CAO Online Condo Director Training Program – Sign up


  • February 6: AMCO – Burlington Conference – Sign up


  • February 13: CCI – Review of Bill 106 – Information



  • March 7: CCI – The ‘Power’ Struggle: Condominium Car Changing Stations – Information
  • March 23: ACMO – GTA Luncheon – Information
  • March 24: CCI – 3rd Annual Education Extravaganza – Information


  • March 29: Condo Directors Group – Navigating the Condo Forms and new requirements (for directors only. Write for more info.)
  • March 21: CCI – What’s Hot on Pot? – Information


  • March 2: CCI – Lunch & Learn hosted by Professional & Business Partners Committee – Information
  • March 23: CCI – Bill 106 Boot Camp – Information


  • March 2: ACMO – Barrie Conference – Information

Did we miss something?

Hosting or attending a condo event in Ontario that isn’t on this list? If you know of any other condominium training opportunities in the province, let us know!

Be sure to check back every month for further updates!