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Explaining the Notice of Meeting to Condo Owners

My own condo corporation is moving towards its first AGM under the amended Act.  We’ve received our financial audits, sent out our Preliminary Notice and picked the AGM date.  Last week, we reviewed the Notice of Meeting (ouch) and the Proxy form (double ouch).  These forms may be difficult to understand to most owners.

To (hopefully) help my fellow neighbours, I’ve prepared a short Newsletter explaining the Notice of Meeting.  I’m happy to share this newsletter with you. As I did with my newsletter on the Preliminary notice, I made it “fillable”.  This will allow you to insert information relevant to your own AGM.  Feel free to save it, print it and use it if you find it useful. Or use it as a source of inspiration for your own newsletter.

Please note the following:

  • This newsletter is not meant to replace the mandated provincial forms. It’s only a guide to help owners understand them;
  • My note is meant to be sent with at least:
    • The Notice of meeting
    • A blank proxy
    • The AGM Agenda
    • Last year’s AGM minutes
    • Our Audited financial statements

You may include more documents. In our case, we will also include a board’s report (not sure when I’ll find time to do this), our insurance certificate and other relevant documents.

I hope you find this newsletter useful (to use “as is” or to help you build your own).  Please do not hesitate to provide me with any comments or corrections you feel would improve this letter.

See you all at the AGM! Well, only if you own at my corporation…

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