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Explaining the Preliminary Notice to Condo Owners

My condo board and I recently reviewed our first Preliminary Notice, which we must send out to owners in a few days, in anticipation of our upcoming AGM. We also reviewed our first Periodic Information Certificate, which will go out with the Preliminary Notice to save on stamps.

If there was any doubt before, it became obvious to me that these new forms will look and feel very foreign to most owners.  They are also not very appealing to read and I feared that this may impact owners’ understanding and participation in our condo community. I actually fear that owners may not easily pick up on important information such as the date and location of the AGM.

For this reason, I prepared a quick cover-letter for my fellow neighbours to help them understand the new process and the new forms.  I thought I would share my cover-letter with you.  I made it “fillable” so you can type-in the information relevant to you.  Save it or print it and feel free to send it out with your Preliminary Notice.

Do note two things though:

  • My note is meant to be sent with:
  • This note is not meant to replace the mandated provincial forms. It’s only a cover letter to help out owners.  You must still send out the provincial forms.

I hope you find this cover-letter useful (either to use “as is” or to build your own).  Please don’t hesitate to provide me with any comments or corrections you may have on this letter.

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