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Upcoming Events: August/September

Are you looking for networking opportunities or to get more knowledgeable on condo matters? On the last Thursday of each month, we provide a comprehensive list of all known condo training and networking events in Ontario. Each of these offers a unique opportunity to gain condo knowledge and to meet with other like-minded condo-driven individuals.  Read on to find an event near you.



  • August 16: CCI – Facilitated Mandatory CAO Directors’ Training Session – Information


  • August 8: CCI – GH – Electric Vehicles  – Information


  • August 15: CCI – GR – Leaders’ Circle – Guelph – Information



  • September 18: CDG – Rapid fire on Housekeeping: Directors share their experiences with green bins, electric cars, automated doors, graffiti, pool regulations, and more not-so-mundane issues. CDG events are reserved to condo directors and on invite only. You may wish to contact the CDG if you are not on their distribution list.
  • September 26: CCI – Expert’s Night – More information to come


  • September 21: CCI – “Money Talks” CCI Huronia Conference & AGM – Information


  • September 22: CCI – GH – Level 300 Course – When Your Condominium’s Resources Don’t Meet Your Needs – Financing the Shortfall – Information


  • September 26: CCI – GR – Grand River AGM – Information


  • September 27: CCI – Lunch & Learn Seminar – Information

St. Catharines

  • September 28-29: CCI – GH – Level 200 Enhanced Director Training – Information


  • September 29: CCI – GR – Level 300 – You Have Just Had an Insurance Loss, What Now? – Information

North Bay

  • September 29: CCI – North Bay Condo Forum – Information

Did we miss something?

Hosting or attending a condo event in Ontario that isn’t on this list? If you know of any other condominium training opportunities in the province, let us know!

Be sure to check back every month for further updates!