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Year: 2018

How to Complete the New Condo Proxy

You will recall that, in early May, the province of Ontario issued a new and improved version of the Condo Proxy Form. The information on this new form is re-organized and it offers more choices when delegating your proxy powers. Still, with all its improvements, the form continues to be somewhat daunting and difficult to […]

Challenges with Electric Car Charging Stations in Condos

Electric car charging stations in condo buildings is a hot topic in Ontario right now, with the Province trying to lift some of the roadblocks faced by owners and corporations. We previously blogged on the recently released new regulations aimed at facilitating the installation of these charging stations in existing condo corporations. The new regulations which came […]

What do Condo Owners Think of Marijuana Legalization?

The legalization of cannabis, and its expected impact on communities across the country, continue to be a hot topic. Seems like everyone has an opinion on it: The Ontario Real Estate Association wants better protection against grow op Ontario Landlords want to ban cannabis smoking Banning home-grown pot would be paternalistic and unenforceable: former Minister […]

Can I BBQ on my Condo Balcony?

With the summer season finally upon us, so is the barbecue season. With it, come questions pertaining to BBQ safety and neighbourly etiquette.  This is particularly true in condominium living and even more so when one lives in a mid to high-rise complex, where occupants have the exclusive use of a balcony.  A recurring question […]

The New and “Improved” Condo Proxy is Out!

Rejoice! The new Proxy form is out! We have updated our “Form” link at the top of our blog to ensure you always use the latest version. What’s new? The most significant change is on page 2 of the proxy.  The owner giving the proxy must now pick between 3 options: If you check the […]

Provincial Elections: What Are the Rules on Canvassing in Condos?

Today marks the beginning of the election campaign in Ontario. Candidates have until June 7 to campaign and try to get your vote. Blue, green, orange and red electoral signs (we listed them in alphabetical order) are popping everywhere. Boards and property managers will soon receive requests from candidates and their representatives wanting to access […]

New and Improved Forms to Call Condo Meetings

Ask and you shall receive! The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has updated and improved two of its Condo Forms. Specifically, they have modified: The Preliminary Notice of meeting The Notice of meeting These new forms have been updated to address the regulatory changes pertaining to the installation of electric vehicle charging stations but […]

Condo Conference in Ottawa ‒ June 9

Spring is in the air! Just in time for the 6th annual CCI-EO/ACMO Conference in Ottawa on June 9, 2018. This year they’re shaking things up.  The Conference will be on a Saturday to accommodate more participants.  They will also have multiple concurrent panels at the same time.  This will allow to cover more topics.  […]

Changes to the Status Certificate

Well, just when you were starting to get comfortable with the new condo forms, the province has issued a new Status Certificate.  Fear not: the new Status Certificate contains very minor changes, all of which are required to address the recent regulatory changes related to Electric Vehicle Charging stations. Changes to the Status Certificate On […]

Electric Car Charging Stations in Condos

On March 26, 2018, the province released new regulations aimed at facilitating the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in existing condo corporations. Until recently, legislation had not entirely caught up with evolving technologies and the growing fleet of electric cars available on the market.  This often lead to frictions between environmentally-conscientious owners wishing to drive […]