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Interview on Disputes Between Neighbours

Rod Escayola was interviewed by CBC on an odd case being played out of Kingston.

This non-condo court case involves two former neighbours who are suing each other for damages.

It all started when, after a confrontation between the two neighbours, one of them tried to  set  the other’s house on fire in the middle of the night and burned a smiley face into the grass near the children’s play area. This neighbour was eventually convicted of attempted arson endangering life and mischief to property.  A first lawsuit commenced by the victim was settled out of court. Shortly thereafter, there was another “confrontation”, which lead the victim to file a peace bond application, which was eventually thrown out. In a twist of events, the neighbour who started the fire is now suing the other one for malicious prosecution, harassment and intentional infliction of mental suffering. The other one counter-sued.

Rod reminded of the benefits of settling court cases before they get out of hands:

A good settlement is one where both sides are equally unhappy, but in this case I suspect that one side wants complete vindication and the other side has nothing to offer that could bring that.

CBC’s article can be read here.

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