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Month: January 2020

Condos Must Act Reasonably When Imposing a Section-98 Agreement

As we have posted time and time again, it is very important for condo corporations to treat owners reasonably and fairly. This is true even when the condo is acting to fulfill its requirements under the Condominium Act. The Court of Appeal recently released a decision that reflects on this important aspect of corporate governance, Noguera v MCC […]

Condos Must Act Reasonably When Seeking Compliance

Well, loyal readers, it looks like the most recent Superior Court decision, Amlani v YCC 473 has caused quite a stir in the Condo blogosphere. Our last post on this decision concluded that Condos Cannot Lien the Cost of Seeking Compliance. Some of our esteemed colleagues have since agreed with our take that costs for compliance can never […]

Condos Cannot Lien the Cost of Seeking Compliance

A recent Toronto decision (Amlani v. YCC 473) has made it far more difficult for condo corporations to get indemnified when seeking compliance from owners. The decision is also a friendly reminder for condo corporations to act reasonably and to prefer resolution over litigation. Facts of the case The facts are complex but can be […]

Condo Tasks to do this Month

As the blissful haze of the holiday period dissipates, it’s back to regular business to all of the Condo Geeks out there. With this post, let us remind you of some tasks requiring your (near) immediate attention. Apply for the new Electricity Rebate Program Last November, the province introduced a new Ontario Electricity Rebate program […]

The Condo Forms Have Moved !! Find Them Here!

As of January 1, 2020, the province of Ontario has delegated to the Condominium Authority of Ontario the responsibility over 17 of the most used condo forms.  As a result of this, most of these forms have now moved away from the government’s website onto the CAO website. FEAR NOT! We, at Condo Adviser, have updated […]

Condo Adviser Receives a Clawbies Award

New Years Eve brought in great news and some bragging rights to the Condo Adviser team!  Indeed, on December 31, 2019, we had the immense (and unexpected) honour of being inducted in the Clawbies Hall of Fame!  This recognition came after having received 3 prior Clawbies since our launch 4 years ago. Our induction in the […]