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Month: February 2020

Are we Facing a Condo Insurance Crisis?

Many are sounding the alarm, claiming that the condo industry is facing an insurance crisis. We will explore this over the next few posts. In the meantime, to help us better understand the state of insurance in the condo world, we encourage our readers to take our survey on condo insurance. [This survey is easier to […]

The Province wants YOU… to provide your thoughts on the Condo Act changes

As many of you Condo Geeks know, there are many planned changes to the Condominium Act that are not yet in effect. To see what these sections are, you can look at the Act here. Sections highlighted in grey are not yet in force. Several steps are required in order to implement more of these proposed changes, […]

Condos Must Notify Owners Before Commencing Lawsuits 2.0

In a recent decision, the Ontario Court of Appeal has confirmed that condo corporations must advise owners of their intention to commence a lawsuit but, reversing a 37 year old legal precedent, it has injected some flexibility in how courts will deal with a corporation’s failure to comply with this obligation. The facts of the […]