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Condo Manager’s Perspective – Guest Blogging Contest

Believe it or not, the Condo Adviser is approaching its 5th year anniversary. Indeed, we published our first blog post on March 24, 2015. Since then, we have published over 285 posts and are now approaching our Millionth page view! Naturally, all along, our focus has been on the law of condo – that’s what we do best [although my tiropita recipe is pretty amazing too, if I may say so myself. Ask me about it next time we see each other].

But the “law” is only one of the many moving parts of the condo world.  Behind the strict application of the law are the famous three “P’s” (People, Pet and Parking) and everything else that comes with them.  On the front line of it all, are condo managers.  These good people are, all at once, experts in mechanical and electrical equipment, investigators, referees, employers, bookkeepers, social workers, psychologists, safety officers and much more.  They truly wear too many hats to lists.

Guest blogging contest

This brings us to the point of this week’s post. We thought it’d be amazing to hear from those who make it work, keep it together and fight the good fight every day: condo managers. We are hereby officially launching our first ever Guest-Blogging Contest. Share with us, in some 300 to 500 words (or more), your manager’s perspective on any topic of interests:

  • What makes a good manager?
  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • How can directors help you help them?
  • Tell us about a big project that made you proud.
  • Share your biggest secret failure and what you’ve learned from it.
  • How do you resolve disputes between neighbours or board members?
  • Share best practices: how to adopt by-laws; how to secure quorum; how do you deal with unit repairs when catastrophe hits…

We will publish the best blog post in the last week of March.  Along with your entry, give us a couple of paragraphs about you or your management firm. We will also publish this along with your own Condo Adviser blog post.

The deadline to submit your entry is March 15, 2020.

Get known to our readers by sharing your best story. To your keyboards, get set, go!

CMRAO Survey

The Condo Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) is conducting a client-satisfaction survey and seeks your input to identify areas for improvement. As all of you know already, the CMRAO is the regulatory body that provides oversight of condo managers and condo management provider companies. They licence and regulate condo managers.

The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.  Share your praises, share your suggestions, share your views.  Surveys must be completed by March 6.