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Join us for a Mock Virtual AGM (Wednesday May 27 at 5pm)

Everyone is talking about virtual AGMs being the way of the future.  But how the heck will these things work?

Fear not, Gowling Landings is calling its first Virtual AGM on May 27, at 5pm. All owners (that’s you) will be able to see, feel and try the process from beginning to end. We will also set sufficient time for Q&As.

How will it work?

We will set it up like a real virtual AGM:

  • You will be the “unit owners”.
  • You’ll recognize:
    • your board
    • your condo lawyers (Rod Escayola and Denise Lash)
    • your managers (Sean Cornish and Katherine Gow)
    • your Auditor (Brian Antman) and
    • your favourite owners…
  • Once you register as an owner:
    • You will automatically receive your unique login link (don’t lose it!).
    • You’ll get a reminder a day before and an hour before.
    • We’ll send you the General Notice package the day before the AGM.

On AGM day

  • Click on your unique login link a couple of minutes before the AGM. If you can’t find it (Man! We told you not to lose it!), just click on “Webinar login” at the bottom of our blog.
  • You’ll get the “owner’s experience” of a virtual AGM from beginning to end including:
    • Receiving the notices.
    • Registering for it.
    • Logging in.
    • How to chair a virtual meeting.
    • Presenting the audit.
    • You’ll see how to
      • Take polls;
      • Call for motions;
      • Vote on motions;
      • Appoint the auditor;
      • Vote for directors.
    • Fielding owners’ questions.
  • We’ll open the floor to Q&As.

How to register for this Mock Virtual AGM?

Click here to register as an owner at the prestigious Gowling Landings Tower.

During registration, you will be asked for:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Unit # (make one up, but you can’t all be living at the penthouse level!)
  • A confirmation of whether you occupy your unit. Pick whatever you prefer. We will not be electing an owner-occupied position. So you’ll get to vote either way.

We hope to see many of you at our corporation’s first Virtual AGM!