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Month: June 2020

Can Condos Prohibit Canadian Flags?

With Canada Day just around the corner, Canadian flags will start popping up everywhere, including in Condo Land.  Inevitably, this will lead to a yearly question:  can condos prohibit owners from displaying their maple leaf pride? We tackle this question in this post. May the land over which this new Flag flies remain united in […]

CondoVirus Webinar: Facing Condo Insurance Challenges (June 24 )

Episode 15: Insurance in Condos This week, in the last episode of the season, we thought we’d tackle condo insurance. Specifically we will tackle the following: Condo Insurance Challenges What affects the premium and the deductible How to keep both low Changes in the insurance industry affecting condos Adopting a Standard Unit by-law The purpose […]

This Week is the Deadline to Secure any Covid-Liens Stemming from a Default in April

As we all know, COVID-19 and its financial effects have been very tough on Ontarians across the province. Unfortunately, this may well have resulted in some owners missing common expense payments back in April (and perhaps since then). While not a pleasant task, condominiums must ensure that they take the proper steps to secure these […]

CondoVirus Webinar: Getting Ready for a Covid Summer (June 17)

Episode 14: Getting Ready for a Covid Summer Ontario is lifting restrictions; pools and patios are set to open and social bubbles are expanding.  Tune in to hear our experts discuss the steps to take now as CondoLand prepares for the summer: Precautions if you are going to reopen Your patios, BBQs, Rooftop terraces Pools Adopting […]

Is it Time to Reopen Condo Pools and Gyms?

In a press release issued yesterday, Ontario has announced that it was lifting more of the covid restrictions affecting CondoLand. We have a more recent post on the topic. Don’t miss the return of our Webinars.  Next webinar Wedn. Sept 9 @5pm. Get a comprehensive update on the COVID situation in CondoLand. Registration, speakers and […]

CondoVirus Webinar: Live Q&A and Comparing Condo Fees Across Ontario (June 10)

Episode 13: “How do your condo fees compare?” We’re all a little covid-fatigued. So, we thought of doing something different this week.  We divided the webinar in two segments: First, a live Q&A session (we like to live on the edge); Second, we will share the results of our most ambitious survey (yet), which compares […]

Comparing “Condo Fees” Across Ontario – Survey Results

We’ve decided to take a Covid-break and share with you some of the results of our survey on condo fees. (We meant to share these earlier but… well, you know….) You may recall that we launched, last year, our most ambitious survey, aimed at getting an accurate picture of “condo fees” across Ontario: What drives […]

CondoVirus Webinar: “Electronic Voting (June 3)

Episode 12: “Electronic Voting” Feel free to share your views about virtual meetings by taking our survey. Last week, we dealt with electronic voting.  To help us with this, we invited CondoVoter to host Gowling Landings’ next AGM. We walked through e-voting from beginning to end: The Preliminary notice; The General notice; How candidates will upload their […]