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CondoVirus Webinar: “Electronic Voting (June 3)

Episode 12: “Electronic Voting”

Last week, we dealt with electronic voting.  To help us with this, we invited CondoVoter to host Gowling Landings’ next AGM. We walked through e-voting from beginning to end:

  • The Preliminary notice;
  • The General notice;
  • How candidates will upload their disclosure and bios;
  • What the ballot will look like;
  • How will owners vote;
  • How to deal with candidates from the floor;
  • How to retrieve the vote results;
  • How to deal with routine and procedural voting;
  • How to deal with director elections.

You can download our:

Do send us your questions ahead of time so we can integrate them into our presentation. You can submit your questions using the registration form below.


  • Sean Cornish (Apollo Property Management)
  • Katherine Gow (ACMO)
  • Rod Escayola (Gowling WLG)
  • Denise Lash (Community Association Institute (Canada) /Lash Condo Law)
  • Graeme MacPherson (Gowling WLG)
  • David Plotkin (Gowling WLG)
  • Jason Reid (National Life Safety Group)
  • Condo Voter

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