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Month: November 2020

What “Lockdown” Means for Peel and Toronto Condos

As announced last Friday, Peel and Toronto Health Regions were placed under “Lockdown” as of midnight on November 23, 2020.  In this blog post, we discuss what this regional lockdown mean for condos in these regions. Don’t miss our Holiday Webinar (!) on December 2, at 5 pm: A year in review, preparing your condo for the […]

Toronto & Peel Moved to Lockdown Restrictions

On November 20, 2020, Ontario announced that it was moving Toronto and Peel into “lockdown” restrictions under its COVID-19 Response framework.  The province announced that these necessary measures were being taken to limit community transmission of COVID-19 in order to keep schools open, safeguard health system capacity, and protect the province’s most vulnerable populations. Additional […]

Holiday Webinar: A Year in Review and Condo Jeopardy Competition! (Dec. 2 at 5pm)

Our Holiday Webinar is around the corner! Join us for our 2020 year in review and our Condo Jeopardy Competition – our tribute to Alex Trebek.   This one is going to be informative and fun! Here’s the registration link, but read on to learn more about the exciting topics and line up. Date:  December 2, […]

Confused by Colour Zones and Restrictions? Try our COVID tool

Are you confused by Ontario’s Colour Zones and applicable restrictions? Look no further.  We have decoded these for you and prepared a COVID-Sheet for each colour zones and, in some cases, for specific municipalities. Don’t miss our Holiday Webinar (!) on December 2, at 5 pm: A year in review, preparing your condo for the holiday […]

Condo Gyms & Pools Under Ontario’s New COVID-19 Colour-Coded Restrictions

In our last post, we discussed Ontario’s new colour-coded COVID response framework. In this post, we cover how these new colour-coded restrictions impact condo gyms and pools in Ontario. Update: Confused about colour zones and applicable restrictions? We now have a new tool to help you figure out which restrictions apply to your specific region.  […]

Condos Under Ontario’s New Colour-Coded COVID Framework

On November 3, 2020, Ontario revamped its COVID-19 response framework, moving from a “Stage” categorization to a new colour-coded system. Under this new framework, all of Ontario’s 34 Public Health Units are being placed in one of five colour categories, each with increasing COVID response restrictions. The 5 colour levels range from green (at the […]