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Confused by Colour Zones and Restrictions? Try our COVID tool

Are you confused by Ontario’s Colour Zones and applicable restrictions? Look no further.  We have decoded these for you and prepared a COVID-Sheet for each colour zones and, in some cases, for specific municipalities.

Our COVID-Sheets will help you identify your region-specific restrictions applicable to:

  • AGMs
  • Masks
  • Gyms
  • Pools
  • and more

Click your colour zone (below) and download the COVID-Sheet applicable to you.

For easy access, we have added a COVID tab at the top of our blog.

Colour Coded Response Framework

Under the current COVID-19 response framework, each of Ontario’s 34 Public Health Units si placed under one of five colour zones, ranging from green to red, with the ultimate restriction level being grey (also known as the “lockdown” stage). Under each of these colour zones, the province imposes escalating COVID-related restrictions applicable to various sectors, industries or businesses.

In addition to the provincial regulations, each Public Health Unit (and in fact each municipality) can adopt additional restrictions.

To help you with the ever changing and overlapping restrictions, we have developed COVID Sheets for each of Ontario’s Public Health Units.

  • Click on the zone colour applicable to you
  • If you’re not sure which colour zone applies to you, check the chart below!

Select your zone colour

Public Health Units by colours

Not sure which colour applies to your region, visit our COVID Tool (at the top of the page or click here)

Last updated on Dec. 21, 2020


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