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Month: February 2022

Ontario moves out of Step-3 measures on March 1st. What comes after?

On March 1st, Ontario will move all of its 34 Public Health Units out of Step-3 measures and onto the Roadmap Exit Step. In this post, we explore what this means for Condo Land and what measures must be maintained after tomorrow. Overview The Roadmap Exit Step lifts most public health measures such as gathering […]

Who’s responsible for slip & falls on condo ice?

A recent slip and fall case sheds some light on the risks and pitfalls associated with improperly cleared snow in condo settings.  Ultimately, the question in this case turned on the delay in applying road salt in the parking lot. Time to review your snow removal contracts. Slip and falls basics Before we dive in this […]

Webinar: Emergency Preparedness

Condo Land has had its fair share of unexpected crises recently: 3 sets of tornadoes in Ontario since 2018; 100-year floods … twice in the last 2 years; Increase in building fires; A global pandemic; The Ottawa 23-day siege… How can condos prepare for the unexpected? Tune in next week to hear from our panel […]

New measures applicable to Modified Step-3

On February 14, 2022, Ontario announced the easing of some public health measures currently in place under Step-3. These new modified measures are coming into effect on February 17, 2022. At the request of many of you, we summarize here all of the condo-relevant measures. Keep in mind that condos can adopt more prudent measures. […]

Ontario easing some health measures on Feb.17

On February 14, Ontario announced that it was further easing some of the public health measures under Step 3.  These new modified measures will come into effect on February 17.  Below is a summary of the most important condo-relevant changes. For a complete list of measures applicable under the upcoming modified Step-3, check our Covid […]

Who pays to clean up oil spills in condo garages?

A common stories goes like this: a car leaks oil in the condo garage (and drags it through the driving lanes/ramps). As the title of this post suggests it, the resulting question is often: who gets to pay for the clean up? A recent case before the Condo Authority Tribunal sheds some light on this. […]