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How to verify if your condo directors have taken the mandatory training?

As our readers know, all Ontario condo directors must complete mandatory training, failing which they are automatically disqualified from office. That’s great but what’s the point of this training obligation if owners have no way of knowing for sure whether their directors have, in fact, completed such training?

Fear not, there’s a way to verify this!

Mandatory training

Since 2017, all condo directors have been mandated to complete mandatory training within 6 months of their election or appointment to the board.  This training, which is given online by the Condo Authority, is valid for 7 years.

Directors who do not take this mandatory training within the set time are automatically disqualified from office and cannot serve on the board.

Directors who complete the training get a certificate confirming this.

How to verify if a director has taken the training

As indicated in the introduction, knowing that the mandatory training exist is of little consolation if owners have no way of knowing whether their directors have taken it. Thankfully, there are 2 methods for owners to verify that their board has been “inoculated”.

First method

Owners can search the CAO’s public registry or, more specifically, they can use the Condo Calendar App to see if the training has been taken.  The Condo Calendar App is a new-ish tool that allows for easy visualization of a condo’s important dates, such as annual requirements. This App also lists each directors and when they last took the training.

You can search the database by condo number (such as MTCC 123 or CCC 567) or by operating name (such as Fallsview Heights, or Riverview Gardens…).  In both cases, you will need to also select your region (for instance, Toronto, Peel, Ottawa, York….).

The App will then list each directors with:

  • The starting date of their most recent term
  • The deadline by which they must complete the training
  • The date by which they have completed the training

If you see the mention “Cannot be confirmed” it means one of two things:

  • Either they have not taken the training yet or,
  • If they have, the confirmation of their training has not been “linked” to the corporation.  Indeed, anyone can take this training (even without being a director).  So someone may have taken the training before their election and, as such, their prior training needs to be linked to the corporation’s profile. If you are in this situation, you should contact your manager (or the CAO).

Second method

There may be another way of verifying whether your directors have taken the required training: a records request may grant you access to a copy of the records of completion of the mandatory training.  While owners are usually not entitled to records relating to another specific unit or owner, I’m of the view that a certificate of completion of training does not related to a director as an individual owner but rather relates to them as a director of the corporation.  As such, I’m of the view that an owner (or mortgagee) requesting access to such a record is entitled to it.

Third method?

A third method of reassuring the owners on this front maybe to include the certificate of completion with your PICs (periodic information certificates).

When to ask for the confirmation of training

As new directors have 6 months to take the training, there is little point in asking before the expiry of this deadline.

Suggestion for the CAO

Dear CAO,

If you are reading this, can I suggest you include the confirmation of mandatory training on your public registry (rather than (or in addition to) the Condo Calendar App)?  It would be helpful to have all of this information on one page and the public registry may be the most logical one to use.

Your friendly neighbourhood Condo Law Blogger.


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