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Ex-Owners Are Not Entitled to Access Records of the Condo Corporation

A recently released decision from the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) shed some light on an interesting question: can someone who ceases to be a condo owner still be entitled to access the records of the corporation or is this a privilege only available to current owners? The case In Baljak v HCC 371, an owner commenced […]

Ontario Extends the Period Allowing Virtual AGMs, Electronic Notifications and Remote Board Meetings

As many of our readers know, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Provincial Government had amended the Condominium Act to allow corporations across the province to hold their AGMs virtually, even without a bylaw permitting it. However, as the state of emergency was ended on July 24, 2020, this exception period was scheduled to end […]

Mandatory Registration for Short-Term Rentals (in Toronto)

The City of Toronto has launched a new online registration system for short-term rental operators who rent their homes on a short-term basis for a period of less than 28 consecutive days. To see the new system, you can click this link. Accordingly, short-term rental operators must register, online, with the City in order to […]

Tenants Ordered to Pay a Condo’s Compliance Legal Fees

As many of our readers know, under section 134 of the Condominium Act, when a condo corporation successfully brings a Court application to obtain compliance with its governing documents, it can also charge back to the unit its reasonable legal costs in doing so (provided that the corporation has obtained an order for damage or […]

This Week is the Deadline to Secure any Covid-Liens Stemming from a Default in April

As we all know, COVID-19 and its financial effects have been very tough on Ontarians across the province. Unfortunately, this may well have resulted in some owners missing common expense payments back in April (and perhaps since then). While not a pleasant task, condominiums must ensure that they take the proper steps to secure these […]

Court Suspends Unit Renovations in Urgent Hearing Amid Covid Crisis

Last week, Ontario reviewed and reduced its list of “essential services”. Doing so, it reviewed which business could remain open and which ones ought to be closed pursuant to the its Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.  This was done to further minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Change to Management Amongst the many changes, […]

The Province wants YOU… to provide your thoughts on the Condo Act changes

As many of you Condo Geeks know, there are many planned changes to the Condominium Act that are not yet in effect. To see what these sections are, you can look at the Act here. Sections highlighted in grey are not yet in force. Several steps are required in order to implement more of these proposed changes, […]

Condos Must Act Reasonably When Imposing a Section-98 Agreement

As we have posted time and time again, it is very important for condo corporations to treat owners reasonably and fairly. This is true even when the condo is acting to fulfill its requirements under the Condominium Act. The Court of Appeal recently released a decision that reflects on this important aspect of corporate governance, Noguera v MCC […]

Condo Forms About to Get a Lot Simpler!

Breaking news for anyone who has ever attempted to fill out one of the Government of Ontario’s condo forms! The province has just announced that, as of January 1, 2020, the responsibility for 17 of the forms under the Condo Act will be delegated to the CAO, and will no longer be hosted on the […]

The 10-Day Countdown to Condo Liens is Not as Simple as it Sounds

The decision of CCC 476 v Wong, 2019 ONSC 4207 released this past summer has provided some clarity around an issue that most people may not have realized was even an issue… counting to 10. Stay with me here. As many of our readers will know, one of the most effective tools that condo corporations have […]