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Ontario’s Latest Public Health Measures

During today’s press conference, Ontario has issued its most stringent set of public health measures.  At first blush, the new restrictions appear to have little impact on condos – with the exception of what we expect to be a modified list of essential services. Stay at home order continues The stay-at-home order and the measures […]

Can I BBQ on my Condo Balcony?

It’s that time of year again! With more clement weather finally upon us, so is barbecue season. With it, comes questions pertaining to BBQ safety and neighbourly etiquette.  This is particularly true in condo living and even more so when one lives in a mid to high-rise complex, where occupants have the exclusive use of […]

How the Stay at Home Order Impacts Condos

As expected, Ontario has declared a third provincial emergency. Effective Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 12:01 a.m., the government is issuing a province-wide Stay-at-Home order requiring everyone to remain at home except for essential purposes, such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy, accessing health care services (including getting vaccinated), for outdoor exercise, or […]

Ontario Extends Virtual Meetings and Electronic Voting Until December 31

Ontario has extended the various exceptions in place to facilitate the conduct of condo business during the pandemic through virtual and electronic means. The following will continue to apply and be in effect until December 31, 2021. Virtual AGMs Condo corporations will be able to call and hold their meetings of owners (including AGMs) by […]

Condos Forced to Pull the “Emergency Brakes”: Ontario’s Third Shutdown

Sadly, but not surprisingly, Ontario has declared its third shutdown in about a year. As of Saturday, all Public Health Regions will be put under (modified) Shutdown Restrictions.  This is expected to last for at least 4 weeks. Shutdown Restrictions are the highest level of restrictions and are similar to what was in place under […]

The CAT’s New Jurisdiction over Parking

A recent decision out of the CAT has helped clarify what types of matters corporations and owners can bring to this tribunal. As a brief reminder, the CAT can now adjudicate cases dealing with pets, parking, vehicles, storage, and chargebacks related to disputes over these items. We blogged about the newly expanded jurisdiction of the […]

Webinar: Deep Dive on Condo Insurance (April 7 @5pm)

The single most complicated issue in condo land: Condo Insurance. Survey If you have not done so already, consider taking our survey on condo insurance.  This will help us get an accurate picture of insurance challenges in CondoLand. Probably best to have this answered by the director with most knowledge on your insurance file. Have […]

Court Orders Masks in Condos – with Exceptions

In what is likely the first court case dealing with the requirement to wear masks in public spaces, the Superior Court of Justice issued a partial but permanent injunction requiring 2 condo owners to wear a mask while on interior common elements.  The court carved out an exception for the limited purpose of entering and […]

A Basketball Hoop in a Condo Driveway Not in Breach of the Rules

An interesting decision recently came out of the Condo Authority Tribunal (CAT) on a dispute over a basketball hoop installed in a driveway.  This case sheds some light on how the CAT is applying its new jurisdiction over parking disputes and is a helpful reminder that not all breach necessarily require the same response. Facts […]

Condo Learning Opportunities in March

March (!) is upon us! With it, tons of condo learning opportunities.  We’re listing here a couple of them.  All great opportunities to connect, network and learn… Deep Dive on Condo By-laws (March 3) This month, CondoAdviser is taking a deep dive on condo by-laws: What they do; what they don’t do; how they work […]