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Defamation: Condos must protect the reputation of its directors

  • by: Rod Escayola

Everyone knows that being on a condo board can be a difficult and thankless job, often attracting criticism from other owners. But what is a corporation to do if owners send defamatory emails? An Ottawa judge has drawn a red line. Facts of the case In this case, a condo owner sent vitriolic and defamatory communications to all […]

How Much will the Condo Authority Cost and Who will Pay for it?

  • by: Rod Escayola

The Condo Authority of Ontario is presently conducting an online public consultation on the fees it proposes to charge its users.  You have until July 18, 2017 to make your opinion known. In the meantime, here are some of the results of our own survey. Proposed fees to finance and operate the CAO As of […]

How Much will a Condo Manager’s Licence Cost?

  • by: Rod Escayola

The Condo Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) is seeking your input on the fees it proposes charging to licence Condo Managers in Ontario. The CMRAO is seeking your opinion on these fees through an online survey. CMRAO’s mandate The CMRAO is mandated to protect consumers by enforcing standards for education, training and ethics of Condo Manager and […]

Condos will Have to File Yearly Information Returns

  • by: Rod Escayola

Ontario is seeking your input on another set of proposed regulations.  This one deals with proposed annual Information Returns, which corporations would have to file with the Condo Authority. Most of the information in these returns would be added to a publicly accessible database. Latest Draft Regulation In the context of its overhaul of the Condominium Act, the […]

How Much will the Condo Authority Cost Condo Owners?

  • by: Rod Escayola

As you certainly know by now, the new Condo Authority of Ontario will be designated as the condominium authority as of September 1, 2017.  The CAO will provide education and information and will oversee the Condo Authority Tribunal. But how much will all of this cost condo owners? The province wants to know how much […]

Will Toronto’s Proposed Airbnb Regulation Help Condos?

  • by: Rod Escayola

Last week, Toronto’s Executive Committee approved a draft plan to regulate Airbnb. Amongst important changes, Toronto proposes the creation of a new zoning by-law and the adoption of new licensing and registration requirements.  It also proposed to limit short-term rentals to principal residences. Will this help condos regulate short-term rentals? What is Airbnb? Airbnb and other […]

Can Condos Prohibit the Display of Canadian Flags?

  • by: Jocelyn Duquette

With Canada Day just around the corner and important festivities expected to take place this year for the 150th anniversary of the Confederation, Canadian flags will start popping up everywhere.  How are condominiums to deal with requests from owners wishing to display their maple leaf pride? The Great Flag Debate First, a little history. In […]

Final Version of New Condo Regulations Have Been Posted by the Province

  • by: Rod Escayola

On Monday, we blogged on the newly released implementation dates of most changes to the Condominium Act and to the Condo Management Services Act.  On that same day, we were advised by the Ministry that the final version of the first instalment of regulations under the Condo Act would eventually be posted on the province’s e-laws […]

NEW Dates for the Implementation of the Condo Act (and the Condo Management Services Act)

  • by: Rod Escayola

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has just announced the dates by which most of the changes to the Condominium Act and to the Condominium Management Services Act will come into force. New dates for the implementation of the legislative changes Expect most changes to the Condo Act, including the implementation of the new tribunal and of the […]

Condo Anarchy or Owner Apathy? 10 Tips to Improve the Lives of Condo Owners

  • by: Rod Escayola

Condo democracy has had a fair bit of bad press recently. Vote rigging, fraudulent proxies and director collusion made headlines in May. But is it really all gloom and doom in condos under Ontario skies? In this post, we provide 10 tips to improve condo governance and reduce frustration associated with condo living. Recent media […]