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Can Condos Prohibit the Display of Canadian Flags?

  • by: Jocelyn Duquette

With Canada Day just around the corner and important festivities expected to take place this year for the 150th anniversary of the Confederation, Canadian flags will start popping up everywhere.  How are condominiums to deal with requests from owners wishing to display their maple leaf pride? The Great Flag Debate First, a little history. In […]

Final Version of New Condo Regulations Have Been Posted by the Province

  • by: Rod Escayola

On Monday, we blogged on the newly released implementation dates of most changes to the Condominium Act and to the Condo Management Services Act.  On that same day, we were advised by the Ministry that the final version of the first instalment of regulations under the Condo Act would eventually be posted on the province’s e-laws […]

NEW Dates for the Implementation of the Condo Act (and the Condo Management Services Act)

  • by: Rod Escayola

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has just announced the dates by which most of the changes to the Condominium Act and to the Condominium Management Services Act will come into force. New dates for the implementation of the legislative changes Expect most changes to the Condo Act, including the implementation of the new tribunal and of the […]

Condo Anarchy or Owner Apathy? 10 Tips to Improve the Lives of Condo Owners

  • by: Rod Escayola

Condo democracy has had a fair bit of bad press recently. Vote rigging, fraudulent proxies and director collusion made headlines in May. But is it really all gloom and doom in condos under Ontario skies? In this post, we provide 10 tips to improve condo governance and reduce frustration associated with condo living. Recent media […]

Countdown to your Next AGM (Under the New Condo Act)

  • by: Rod Escayola

The clock is ticking towards the implementation of the “New” Condo Act! The implementation of this new regime will be done in phases over the next few months. Some of the early changes will affect how condo corporations give notice of owners meetings.  Here is a “step by step” guide on how to call your next AGM. […]

Steps Required by Condos to Allow for Electronic Service of Documents on Owners

  • by: Rod Escayola

Condo corporations are often required to send formal notices to owners. These formal communications will increase under the “new” Act. Corporations may be able to reduce cost (and save trees) by switching to electronic communications. Here is how. Requirement to Communicate with Owners Under the current Act, condo corporations are often required to send formal […]

Condos Have More Time Before Changes to Insurance Regime

  • by: Rod Escayola

Much ink has been spilled in the last few months over the upcoming changes to the insurance regime applicable to condominiums. In particular, a lot has been written about existing Insurance deductible by-laws and any looming deadline to re-arrange your corporation’s affairs on this front.  Well, we may all have more time to breathe… Changes to […]

Airbnb in Condos: Focus on British Columbia

As in Ontario and many other jurisdictions, Airbnb and similar short-term leasing web-based services are big business in British Columbia.  While some condo communities have embraced Airbnbs, requiring owners to provide guest information to the concierge and charging user fees to pay for increased security, etc., other condo communities which are not suited to this […]

What to Do When Condo Owners Send Insulting and Harassing Emails?

  • by: Rod Escayola

Condo owners are often the first to notice when something needs the attention of the board or management. Whether it’d be a burned light bulb or a squeaky door. Emails facilitate these service call requests. But what is a corporation to do when the volume and content of an owner’s communications is such that it […]

The Final Version of the Licensing Regulations for Condo Managers is Officially Out!

  • by: Rod Escayola

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has just issued and posted online the final version of the Licensing Regulations for Condo Managers!  You can read the final text here. While the precise education requirements for condo managers have yet to be specified, Condo Manager licensing is expected to begin in the fall of 2017. We […]