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The Final Version of the Licensing Regulations for Condo Managers is Officially Out!

  • by: Rod Escayola

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has just issued and posted online the final version of the Licensing Regulations for Condo Managers!  You can read the final text here. While the precise education requirements for condo managers have yet to be specified, Condo Manager licensing is expected to begin in the fall of 2017. We […]

Condo Arrears Include Legal Fees

  • by: Jocelyn Duquette

In a recent unreported Ottawa case, a condo owner sued his condominium to recover the legal fees charged against his unit following his failure to pay his common expenses on time. This case reminds owners of the importance of paying in time the totality of the arrears… including the interests and the legal fees incurred by the corporation […]

Is your Condo Ready for the Legalization of Marijuana?

  • by: Rod Escayola

Last week, the government of Canada introduced legislation to legalize and regulate the possession, production and use of marijuana in Canada. What does that mean for your condo corporation? It may be time to update your rules. New Challenges for Condos The proposed Cannabis Act is expected to create a strict legal framework controlling the production, distribution, sale and […]

Can I BBQ on my Condo Balcony?

  • by: Rod Escayola

With the summer season finally upon us, so is the barbecue season. With it, come questions pertaining to BBQ safety and neighbourly etiquette.  This is particularly true in condominium living and even more so when one lives in a mid to high-rise where occupants have the exclusive use of a balcony.  A recurring question is […]

New Condo Authorities Launch their Websites!

  • by: Rod Escayola

The “new” Condo Act and the new Condo Management Services Act are expected to be implemented in phases over the next few months. While proposed regulations to this legislation are still in draft form, the new “Condo Authorities” expected to be set up just launched their web sites. Have a look! The Condominium Authority of Ontario Ontario is expected […]

Major Changes to Condo Insurance and Repair Obligations

  • by: Rod Escayola

The province of Ontario is in the process of adopting sweeping changes to the Condominium Act.  In this post we discuss how the new provisions will drastically change who is responsible to repair (and therefore who is responsible to insure) condominium units.  Corporations should consider acting quickly to put in place various protections which may no […]

Condo Managers Will Not Be Able to Solicit Proxies Under the New Condo Management Services Act

  • by: Rod Escayola

You will recall that, earlier this year, the province circulated the draft regulation it proposes to adopt under the new Condominium Management Services Act. We have extensively blogged about this.  In this post, we look at the restrictions imposed by this new legislation on the handling of proxies by condominium managers. Whether it is justified or not, […]

A Requisition for a Special Owners Meeting can Lead to a Defamation Case

  • by: Rod Escayola

The ultimate recourse when condo owners are dissatisfied with the board or its decisions is to requisition an owners meeting to remove directors. This process often leads to various groups campaigning the owners to support their position. A recent unreported case reminds us to exercise caution in the context of this democratic exercise to avoid […]

What can Condo Corporations do When Owners Display Signs of Mental Incapacity?

  • by: Rod Escayola

In this post, we discussed two recent cases where the courts have had to make the difficult decision of whether to order a condo owner to have their mental capacity assessed. Interestingly enough these cases led to surprisingly different results. The Ottawa case The Ottawa case originated from a dispute “surrounding” Ms. Sennek’s garden.  Literally.  She appeared […]

New Mandatory Training for Condo Directors

  • by: Rod Escayola

As part of its revamping of the Condo Act, the province is  imposing various additional obligations onto condo corporations, managers and directors. Last month, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services circulated a new set of draft regulations which further detail some of these new obligations. It In this post, we discuss what we knew about […]