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3-Step Roadmap to reopening Ontario

UPDATE: The province has rolled back to Modified Step 2 Measures on January 5, 2022. Click on the tile below to see what measures apply to condos.


On May 20, 2021, Ontario unveiled a 3-step roadmap to reopening the province (later adding a 4th step). The province’s plan is based on:

  • the province’s vaccination rate;
  • Improvements in key public health and health care indicators

By clicking on the tiles below, you can see the restrictions applicable to condos under each of the steps.  We’ve also added a couple of tiles with useful tools/info to help your condo navigate this pandemic.

[The province is moving back to Step 2 on January 5, 2022]


The old colour coded system

For those curious about it, below are links to the old colour-coded system.

Under the old colour-coded COVID Response Framework, each of Ontario’s 34 Public Health regions were placed under one of the following colour categories.  Click on the tiles below to see the set of rules and restrictions applicable to each colour.

Select your zone colour



Last updated on Sept. 6, 2021