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We have regularly surveyed our readers on a range of condo-related topics.  These surveys are a fun-way to interact with you, while providing a fairly accurate pulse of where you stand on these topics.

Surveys on condo fees

Our most comprehensive survey yet is our survey on condo fees.

  • What drives them up or down?
  • How does the age or size of the corporation affect them?
  • How do they compare from city to city?
  • How do highrise compare to townhomes?
  • What amenities are more expensive to maintain?
  • Most importantly, how do you compare to others?

It is best (but not necessarily required) to have in hand either your most recent budget or audit to be able to answer all questions.

We share the results of this exclusive survey only with those who have fully completed it.

More surveys

We have many more ongoing surveys. If you have not done so already, feel free to share your opinion by taking any of the following surveys:


The results of these surveys have yielded interestings posts: