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Month: February 2016

Airbnb Makes the News… Again!

We have already written on the legal implications of short-term rentals of condominium units.  Airbnb and other short-term rental providers are making the news again. This past weekend, an “Airbnb party” turned for the worse in Gatineau (Québec). CBC reports that a shooting took place at a private residence, which was occupied by some 25 people.  The police […]

Marijuana Grow-Op Must Pay for Excessive Water Usage in Condo

The declaration of a condominium corporation must confirm the proportions in which owners are to contribute towards the common expenses of the corporation. This statement is usually expressed in the declaration in a percentages allocated to each unit. Although an owner is generally only responsible for his or her specific share of the total common expenses, in certain circumstances, […]

How to Ensure “Condo Fees” Are Paid Before the Mortgage in Cases of Default?

The timely payment of common expenses (commonly referred to as “condo fees”) is essential to the survival of condominium corporations. For this reason, the Condominium Act has put in place various mechanisms to facilitate the collection of these common expenses. One of these mechanisms is the corporation’s ability to register a lien on the defaulting […]

Condominiums Can Prevent Smoking in Units

We already blogged on smoking restrictions in common elements and on exclusive-use balconies.  But what about smoking in units? Can a condominium corporation prevent an occupant from smoking in his own home?  The short answer is yes. In Ontario, such a prohibition would have to be enshrined in the condominium’s declaration or in a rule adopted […]