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Month: December 2017

Happy Holidays!

The hustle and bustle has quieted down.  A fresh layer of snow has covered most cities and landscapes around us.  All is calm. The next meal is in the oven; the entire home smells amazing.  The table is nearly set; we’re putting the final touches. Family and friends are coming and going. Many old traditions are being repeated […]

Extension of Time to Register Your Condo with the CAO

News from the CAO: the deadline to register your condominium corporation with the CAO has been extended until February 28, 2018! The CAO reports that some 7,000 condo corporations have already registered their condo corporation.  That’s not bad! However, by everyone’s best estimates, that leave some 3,000 or so who have not yet registered.  For those […]

Information Certificate Updates

Two weeks ago, we blogged about the Periodic Information Certificate.  This week, we discuss its little brother: the Information Certificate Update. When is one due and how do they work? Types of Information Certificates Under the newly adopted amended Condo Act, condo corporations have to regularly send out the following three types of Information Certificates: The Periodic Information […]

How to Complete the New Proxy Form

This blog post refers to an older version of the proxy form. Be sure to read our more recent blog post. The new forms under the “new” Condominium Act were released on November 1, 2017.  A month later, the industry is still getting familiar with these new documents and we are receiving many questions about them; especially about […]

The New Periodic Information Certificate

Amongst the various new obligations imposed on condo corporations, they will now have to regularly send to all owners various Information Certificates. In this post, we discuss the new Periodic Information Certificate – aka the “PIC”. When, how and to whom is it to be sent? Are your condo fees too high? How do they compare? […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Condos?

The province is seeking your input on proposed changes to the Condo Act which would make it easier to install and access electric vehicle charging stations in existing condos. The province recently issued a “plain language” summary of the changes being proposed and seeks your opinion on it.  Now is the time to prepare the future. You may want to consult […]