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Next CondoVirus Webinar – “Things are Getting Real” (April 7 @ 5pm)

Our next webinar is scheduled for Tuesday April 7  at 5 pm (Eastern time).

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We’re still finalizing the agenda but we are being flooded with questions.  We will cover the following topics (and more).

  • Changes to essential services
    • The province has changed its definition of essential services
    • Not all condo management is essential
    • Not all construction work is essential
  • Governments tightening quarantine measures
    • How to deal with the increasing number of confirmed cases?
    • Can you enforce quarantine?
    • Must you notify the owners? What do you tell them?
    • What obligations do you have to secure the safety/health of your occupants?
    • What can you do with those who won’t self quarantine?
    • Can you stop visitors from entering the building?
    • Can you stop deliveries? What about open houses?
    • Can you report breaches to the police?
    • Will the city help you enforce quarantine?
  • How to deal with owners’ meetings that cannot wait?
    • Can we hold meetings by proxies?
    • Can we vote electronically without a by-law?
    • Can we meet by webinar?
    • Has the province suspended all AGMs?
  • How to deal with April’s arrears?
    • To lien or not to lien?
    • Has the lien process changed?
    • Can we give a break to some owners but not to all?


We are still listing our speakers but you’ll see much of the same returning experts:

  • Sandy Foulds (CCI)
  • Katherine Gow (ACMO)
  • Rod Escayola (Gowling WLG)
  • Denise Lash (Community Association Institute (Canada) /Lash Condo Law)
  • Graeme MacPherson (Gowling WLG)
  • David Plotkin (Gowling WLG)
  • Jason Reid (National Life Safety Group)

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