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Ontario Lifting Some Restrictions Impacting Condos

AT 1:30 today, Premier Ford announced the lifting of certain restrictions as part of the first Phase of reopening Ontario.  The complete list of Stage 1 Business can be consulted here.

What restrictions have been lifted?

The following restrictions have been lifted:

  • All construction can resume and essential workplace limits (on construction) are lifted;
  • Retail with street-front entrance can reopen (this may impact some mixed-use condos);
  • Outdoor (public or semi-public) pools remain closed. Our reading of the balance of today’s announcements should be interpreted to mean that all Class A and B pools (whether interior or exterior) are to remain closed;
  • Some outdoor individual recreational sports centres can re-open, with limited access to these facilities. To us this means that interior fitness facilities are to remain closed. However, exterior tennis courts, for instance, could be reopened;
  • Private households can now employ workers on or about the premises, in activities primarily concerning housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance services such as:
    • Cleaning;
    • Indoor/outdoor painting;
    • Window cleaning; and,
    • Pool cleaning and general repairs.

The reference to “private households” should, in our view, be interpreted to exclude these services from being provided in a commercial setting, such as condos. This will require further analysis. But don’t despair, read on to our next point…

  • General maintenance and repair services can resume and are no longer limited to “strictly necessary” maintenance.  This is BIG news.

The above will be effective as of May 19, 2020. All of this is, naturally, subjected to these services being provided in compliance with adequate covid-precautions involving safety and social distancing.

Sadly, barbers and hairdressers are still closed.  Our team will still sport covid-beards at next week’s webinar.


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