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Month: August 2020

Webinar: COVID Update – Reopening Amenities Safely (Sept. 9 /20)

After a lazy summer hiatus, the Fab Fours and your favourite Condo Twins are back!! Topics Naturally, our first episode will focus on… you’ve guessed it: COVID. Lots has happened since our last webinar of last Spring:  Ontario had ended the emergency, most of Ontario has entered into phase 3 and many cities have adopted […]

Condo Tribunal Expands Jurisdiction to Deal with Pets, Parking, Lockers and Chargebacks!

The Province has announced that, starting October 1, 2020, the jurisdiction of the Condo Tribunal will be expanded to deal with disputes related to: pets or other animals (are there non-pet animals in units ?!), parking, vehicles (there is a long list of what constitutes a vehicle, including bikes, kayak, drones and aircrafts….), storage, and […]

Mandatory Masks in Ottawa Condos

Update: Ottawa has now voted to make masks mandatory in interior common elements As Ontario reopens, an increasing number of municipalities are adopting bylaws making it mandatory to wear masks while in condo’s interior common areas. On August 26, Ottawa has voted to expand its temporary mask bylaw to all interior common elements. Ottawa voted […]

Tenants Ordered to Pay a Condo’s Compliance Legal Fees

As many of our readers know, under section 134 of the Condominium Act, when a condo corporation successfully brings a Court application to obtain compliance with its governing documents, it can also charge back to the unit its reasonable legal costs in doing so (provided that the corporation has obtained an order for damage or […]

Ontario Further Eases Gym Restrictions

Update: It is best to consult our COVID tab at the top of our blog to see the up-to-date restrictions applicable to your region and municipality. **** Ontario announced today amendments to its Stage 3 regulations as they pertains to the operation of gyms. While the province is easing off some restrictions, it is maintaining […]

Back to Basics: How to Adopt a Condo By-law

We have all spent the past few months discussing the nitty gritty of how a pandemic affects a condominium, its directors, managers, and owners. At the time of writing (knock on wood), the public health crisis seems to be relatively under control in the province of Ontario. We therefore take this opportunity to go back […]

Condos Must Act Reasonably or Face Litigation Cost

The court recently reported the costs decision in the Amlani matter.  As many other costs decisions, it is a sobering reminder that condo corporations ought to consider reasonable alternatives to litigation or risk facing costs consequence. The Amlani case You may recall that the Amlani case involved a dispute between a condo owner and the […]