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Ontario Rolling Back to Stage 2: Closing Gyms and Conference Centres

It is best to consult our COVID tab at the top of our blog to see the up-to-date restrictions applicable to your region and municipality.


On Friday, Ontario announced that parts of Ontario are rolling back to a modified Stage 2 set of restrictions.

As of midnight tonight (October 10, 2020), Ottawa, Toronto and Peel regions [and York as of October 19] are ordered to close the following:

  • Indoor gyms and fitness centres, including weight and exercise rooms;
  • Casinos, bingo halls and other gaming establishments;
  • Indoor cinemas and performing arts centres and venues;
  • Indoor restaurants, bars, dining facilities (deliveries and take out can remain open);
  • Conference centres (with exceptions of courts).

These closures are effective for a period of at least 28 days, with the province reviewing the situation on an ongoing basis.

Closing of condo gyms

At this stage, in light of the above, our recommendation is that condos in these areas close down their gyms and fitness centres. We may review this once we see the actual regulation (which may take a few days before being published), but the question will remain not so much whether the province is forcing condos to close condo gyms but more so does it make sense to keep them opened in light of the current provincial restrictions: the answer is no.

Reduced gathering limits

Ontario is also reducing limits for all social gatherings and organized public events (in Ottawa, Toronto and Peel areas) to a maximum of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. These limits (indoor and outdoor) may not be combined for an indoor-outdoor event. In addition to these limits, the overarching requirement is that physical distancing must be maintained.

No in-person AGMs

For these areas, condos should not hold in-person AGMs (unless they are below these reduced gathering limits) and should go with virtual AGMs instead. The deadlines to hold AGMs have not been extended.

We write this as the press conference is still ongoing and without having yet reviewed the amended regulation.  (Last time, it took a couple of days for the regulation to be amended).

You can read the press release here.

More information to come in the next few hours/days.


Updated: October 16 at 8pm