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Stay at Home Order Extended until June 2

By now you have all heard that Ontario is extending the Stay at Home Order until (at least) June 2, 2021.

In addition to the Stay at Home Order, the province is maintaining the April 3rd public health measures (the Emergency Brakes).

Summary of measures

Here is a summary of what today’s announcement means for condos:

  • Ontario’s 34 Public Health Regions remain under Shutdown.  For more details on Shutdown restrictions, check our Shutdown page.
  • Face masks must be worn on interior common elements (with usual exceptions). Keep in mind that while a medical condition inhibiting one’s ability to wear a mask may be relied upon to be exempt from the mask requirement, individuals not wearing a mask can be prevented from circulating on interior common elements for any purpose other than egress and ingress by the most direct route.  This is a delicate balancing act. It’s best to consult with your favourite condo lawyer when required to accommodate these competing rights.
  • Those working at the condo must be COVID-screened and notices must invite all others to self-screen;
  • Organized public events and social gathering (indoor or outdoor) are not permitted;
  • All exterior recreational facilities must be closed. This includes any sport fields/courts (such as tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf course etc.), but also other outdoor amenities such as outdoor common element terraces and BBQ facilities. An outdoor recreational amenity that is a park or recreational area may be opened for the purpose of permitting persons to walk or otherwise move through it.  Off-leash dog areas, park bench, outdoor playground or play structure may be opened;
  • All non-essential construction remains suspended but the following work can proceed:
    • Maintenance, repair and property management services required for the safety, security, sanitation and operation of properties and buildings;
    • Residential construction activities or projects.

 The fact this work is permitted does not mean that it must proceed.  Condo corporations should consider postponing non-essential work in both common elements and in units.

Indeed, corporations continue to have the authority to regulate, manage and control common elements and they have the duty to take reasonable steps to ensure the reasonable safety of those on their premises.  Corporations should also consider the disruption that non-essential construction work will impose on the rest of the residents who must stay at home (and in many cases who must work from home). Unnecessary construction work (whether it’d be in units or on common elements) attracts additional traffic and, with it, risk and disruption.

  • Staff must work from home unless the nature of the work requires them to be on-site.
  • Short-term rental is limited to individuals in need of housing.
  • Public spaces, equipment and high touch areas available/used by members of the public must be cleaned and disinfected as frequently as necessary to maintain sanitary condition.
  • Lawn care and landscaping services are deemed essential and can continue.

Naturally, no one is happy to see these restrictions being extended and we’re all suffering from an acute case of cabin fever.  It is increasingly unpopular to keep your amenities closed but it is required a little longer.

Hopefully our next blog post on this topic will bring brighter news.

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Updated May 15, 2021

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