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Month: June 2021

New Reopening Regulations Are Out! What Does Step-1 Mean for Condos?

The long awaited regulations on the new 3-step roadmap to reopening Ontario have been published today! We are finally able to put some meat on the various press releases issued since May 20. Don’t miss CAI’s upcoming webinar on virtual meetings (June 10 at 10am).  This one will go well beyond the basics and will […]

Can the CAT evict your dog?

As many of our readers know, on October 1, 2020 the Condominium Authority Tribunal (also known as the CAT),  expanded its jurisdiction beyond records requests. The CAT now handles disputes relating to pets, parking, storage and lockers (and chargebacks related to these). This is a relatively new change, and, as such, many of us were […]