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Month: August 2021

Mandatory vaccination policies in condos

When we first blogged on vaccination in condos in January, it sounded straight out of science fiction! But, as was the case with other COVID-related restrictions, the situation and social views have evolved. And so here we are, wondering whether Vaccination Policies are (or will shortly be) required in condos. Ontario requiring vaccination policies On […]

Webinar: Vaccination in condos (Sept. 1 at 5pm)

This webinar was first broadcasted on September 1, 2021. Topics COVID update (sorry about that… but lots has changed since June) Should we reopen amenities? Are masks still required despite many municipal mask by-law having expired? What comes after step 3? What and when is the¬†Roadmap Exist step? Vaccination in condos Ontario’s new vaccine passport […]

Rules on federal elections in condos during a pandemic

And they’re off to the races !! The prime minister has asked the Governor General to dissolve parliament, setting the stage for Canada’s next general election. Blue, green, orange and red electoral signs (we’ve listed them alphabetically) will soon be popping everywhere and candidates will start canvassing. Naturally, things will be very different this time […]

How detailed must your board meeting minutes be?

There appears to be an increasing number of disputes before the Condo Tribunal over the adequacy of board minutes. A recurring question focuses on the level of detail needed for minutes to meet the requirement under the Act. In this blog post we discuss a recent decision that sheds some light (again) on this issue. […]