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Month: September 2021

EV Charging Stations (Webinar)

Plug into this webinar to learn everything you need to know about EV charging stations! From the initial owner consultation, to securing grant money to installing the infrastructure. See below the list of topics, the speakers and our list of resources. This webinar was broadcasted on October 6, 2021. Topics EV charging stations Intro to […]

Condo Tribunal expands its jurisdiction to include disputes over nuisances

The long awaited changes to section 117 of the Condo Act (dealing with dangerous activities and nuisance) will finally be enacted on January 1, 2022! On that same date, the Condo Authority Tribunal will also expand its jurisdiction to deal with complaints related to various nuisances.  In this post, we explore what this means for […]

Proof of vaccination in condos vs. Ontario Human Rights

As our readers know, as of today, the province requires Ontarians to provide proof of vaccination along with photo ID to access certain public settings and facilities.  We’ve blogged about this already and what it means in condos. In this blog post, we discuss the statement issued by the Ontario Human Rights Commission on proof […]

Regulation on proof of vaccination is out: what it means for condos?

On September 1, 2021, the province announced that it would require Ontarians to show proof of vaccination in certain public settings.  We blogged about this already. This post summarizes the obligations of condo corporations with respect to vaccination for both occupants and employees/contractors. Overview Condo Occupants The applicable regulation  only requires “patrons” to show proof […]

Using a “Sledge Hammer” to Secure Compliance: A Risky Proposition

What tools does a Corporation have when an owner refuses to comply with the Corporation’s governing documents? Our avid readers will know that securing compliance can be tricky if not done in a strategic, reasonable and forward-thinking manner. A recent case out of Toronto is a stark reminder of what condos should (and should not […]

Ontario condos may have to require proof of vaccination

Ontario announced today that it is imposing a so-called vaccination passport and will require proof of vaccination in certain settings. At the time of writing these lines, all we have to go on is Ontario’s press release and the live press conference. Details of how this new requirement may affect Condo Land will become clearer […]