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Ontario condos may have to require proof of vaccination

Ontario announced today that it is imposing a so-called vaccination passport and will require proof of vaccination in certain settings.

At the time of writing these lines, all we have to go on is Ontario’s press release and the live press conference. Details of how this new requirement may affect Condo Land will become clearer when the province amends the applicable regulations.  More to follow on this.

Where proof of vaccination is required

For now, this is what we know.

As of September 22, Ontarians will be required to provide proof of their vaccination status (along with a photo ID) to access certain businesses, facilities and settings. In our view, this may include certain facilities in condos. Time will tell.

Today’s announcement confirmed that proof of vaccination will be required for the following condo-relevant settings:

  • Indoor meeting and event spaces; and,
  • Indoor sports and fitness activities and personal fitness training, such as gyms, fitness and recreational facilities (with the exception of youth recreational sports).

We don’t know yet whether exceptions will apply to these settings in condos but, considering that no such exception was adopted when imposing masks and face covering, we suspect that proof of vaccination will also be required for condo gyms.

Where proof of vaccination is not required

Today’s announcement confirmed that proof of vaccination will not be required for outdoor settings, including patios.  It is fair to assume that the outdoor exception will also apply to condos.

Young Ontarians who are ineligible to be vaccinated (less than 12 years old) will also be exempt from having to provide proof of vaccination.

Medical exemptions

Medical exemptions will be permitted but those needing to benefit from this exception will need to provide a medical note (until medical exemptions can be integrated as part of a digital vaccine certificate). Thankfully, today’s announcement did not leave us in the uncomfortable position created by mask regulations where Ontarians were able to simply state they were exempt without having to provide any proof of it.  Things will be much clearer and easier to implement if those seeking an exemption are required to provide some basic proof supporting their requests.


Start working on your vaccination policies

As indicated in our earlier post this week, the Reopening Ontario Act has already been amended to provide that businesses and organizations are required to establish, implement and comply with COVID-19 policies based on advice, recommendations and instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

In light of today’s announcement, we are of the view that condo corporations should start working on adopting vaccination policies.  These should be in line with the guidelines announced today by the province and those already adopted by numerous Public Health Units such as Toronto, Ottawa, Peel, York, and Halton.  The lists is growing every day.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about how our vaccination policy may work for you.


Ontarians can book a vaccine appointment here.

You can download your proof of vaccination here.


Updated: Sept. 2, 8:00am