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Condo Jeopardy – Lawyers Edition! (Thurs. Dec. 16 @ 5pm)

Following last week’s very popular Condo Jeopardy episode (where condo managers brilliantly showed off their knowledge), some of you wondered how your favourite condo lawyers would have fared in a similar competition.

Lawyers are not known to turn down challenges…

We have managed (admittedly without difficulties) to convinced 6 of the best condo lawyers from different firms to test their condo knowledge and to face each other in the (First Annual?) Condo Jeopardy Lawyer’s Edition !!!  The brave participants are listed below.

When:    Thursday December 16 at 5pm
Registration: You can register by clicking here.


The teams were randomly assigned (you’ll see the evident alphabetical order)…

Team Rudolph

Patrick Greco (Shibley Righton)
Sonja Hodis (Hodis Law)
Michelle Kelly (Robson Carpenter)

Team Santa

Shawn Pulver (Pulver on Condos)
Natalia Polis (Lash Condo Law)
Gareth Stackhouse (Common Ground Condo Law)

You don’t want to miss this one! Come and cheer on your favourite condo lawyers!

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