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Year: 2022

What can condos do when owners interfere with snow contractors?

The Condo Tribunal had to recently deal with a case where a condo owner interfered with the snow removal operations by parking his car (on his driveway) in such a way as to impede the snow removal operations. This owner also inappropriately interacted with management and a director of the corporation. Sounds familiar? Read on […]

What has the CMRAO done for you lately?

The CMRAO has recently issued its yearly report covering their activities for their 2021/2022 fiscal year.  In this post, we review some of the great work it has done for the industry in the last year. Who is the CMRAO? As some of our readers will know, the CMRAO is the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority […]

Can condo owners ask to see minutes of *future* board meetings?

We all know that condo owners can ask for copies of past board meetings. This is done through a records request. But can an owner proactively request to see minutes of all future board meetings or must they make a request each month? Do you think corporations should post minutes of board meetings or should […]

Who decides whether a dog is too dangerous to stay at a condo?

In an interesting (and surprising) decision, the Condo Tribunal reversed a board’s decision to deem a dog a nuisance and to have it evicted after it attacked another dog on common elements. This case raises very important questions on who (between condo boards and the Condo Tribunal) should ultimately decide whether a dog is too […]

Webinar: Hybrid AGMs

Topics:   Hybrid AGMs The province has recently extended virtual AGMs and e-Voting for another year (until Sept. 2023).  With virtual AGMs being here to stay, many are asking about hybrid meetings.  During this webinar, we reunited two of the biggest providers CondoVoter and Get Quorum to share their views about the future of virtual AGMs. […]

Virtual AGMs and e-Voting EXTENDED to September 2023!

As our readers know, Ontario condos are allowed to hold virtual AGMs and to secure voting through electronic means pursuant to an exception in place under the Condo Act.  These exceptions were initially implemented in response to the pandemic and were last set to expire on September 30, 2022. Ontario has announced today that it has made regulatory amendments to […]

What is a condo corporation required to do when an owner complains of noise from another unit?

A decision dealing with a noise complaint between units was recently released by our courts. The facts are as you would expect them: unit below complains of noise from unit above. The unit below sued the condo corporation (but not the owner above).  Ultimately, the question in this case was: what are the obligations (and […]

Ontario working on extending virtual AGMs beyond September 30?

As our readers know, Ontario condos are allowed to hold virtual AGMs and to secure voting through electronic means pursuant to an exception in place under the Condo Act.  These exceptions were initially implemented in response to the pandemic and were set to expire in December 2021. Thankfully, they were later extended to September 30, […]

Can condo corporations access the neighbour’s property to repair their own?

Happy Dog Days of Summer, As construction season ramped up again earlier this Spring, a recent decision out of the Superior Court of Justice dealt with a situation where a condo urgently needed to conduct rooftop repairs, but its neighbour would not grant the condo access to its land so the condo could access its […]

Are owners entitled to access *video recordings* of their virtual AGM?

With most AGMs having been held virtually over the last 2 years, an inevitable question was bound to surface: Are condo owners entitled to access the video recording of their virtual AGM?  The Condo Authority Tribunal had to rule on this a couple of days ago. Here are the lessons learned from this case. So, […]