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Year: 2022

Silent Night…

Only a couple of days ago, we had different plans for our Christmas post. It was going to be full of light and cheers and laughter. We were looking forward to it with excitement. But it was not to happen.   Less than a week before Christmas, tragedy struck at the heart of a condo community; […]

Are owners entitled to access recordings of online condo meetings?

For the second time, the Condo Tribunal was asked to rule on whether recordings of online owners’ meetings constitute a record of the corporation to which owners are entitled.  This case significantly moved the needle with its conclusion that such recordings are in fact records of the corporation (at least in the circumstances of this […]

Webinar: Condo Jeopardy Lawyer’s Edition (Dec. 7 at 5pm)

It seems that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner…. in a month to be more precise.  So for the last Condo Adviser episode of the year we thought we’d repeat last year’s Condo Jeopardy – Lawyer’s Edition !!! As we did last year, we rounded up Condo Lawyers from […]

Smoke complaints: Condos must investigate both sides

This is your typical case involving condo owners complaining of smoke/smell emanating from a neighbouring unit.  As is often the case, you have repeated complaints from the same few neighbours and a strong denial from the owner at the centre of the complaints. So, what is a corporation to do in these circumstances?  Here is […]

The return of Canada’s Unknown Soldier – Remembrance post

Every November we pause to remember those who served in war and peace and those who paid the ultimate price for our collective freedom. This year, this very freedom and the values behind it were tested.  Some even attempted to appropriate and redefine them in furtherance of their political agenda.  For this reason, this year’s […]

How much noise is too much noise in a condo?

Noise complaints in condos are complicated and difficult to resolve. The cause and origin of the noise is often difficult to demonstrate and, perhaps more importantly, the level of noise that one is expected to have to tolerate is a very subjective question. In a recent case, the Condo Tribunal rule on an age old […]

Noise in condos (webinar on demand)

Noise complaints in condos are amongst the most difficult cases to deal with. Noise is highly disruptive and can be debilitating. At the same time, the perception of noise is highly subjective. While condo owners are entitled to live in a nuisance free environment, they are not entitled to complete quietness.  To make matters worse, […]

CCI (Eastern Ontario) Condo Conference on November 4!

The  CCI (Eastern Ontario) Condo Conference is finally returning!…. and in person! This is a one-stop event! Come meet and network with your local condo community, your condo leaders and service providers! Amazing lineup (if we may say so ourselves) tackling relevant and timely topics such as enforcement, CAT decisions, reserve fund studies, how to […]

Who decides whether the condo auditor is to attend the AGM?

Most condo corporations have their auditor attend the AGM to present the audit and answer any questions on same. Other corporations don’t and, instead, have a director or manager present the audit report.  In this blog post we explore all questions related to auditors including whether the auditor is required to be present at the […]

What can condos do when owners interfere with snow contractors?

The Condo Tribunal had to recently deal with a case where a condo owner interfered with the snow removal operations by parking his car (on his driveway) in such a way as to impede the snow removal operations. This owner also inappropriately interacted with management and a director of the corporation. Sounds familiar? Read on […]

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