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Year: 2022

How to verify if your condo directors have taken the mandatory training?

As our readers know, all Ontario condo directors must complete mandatory training, failing which they are automatically disqualified from office. That’s great but what’s the point of this training obligation if owners have no way of knowing for sure whether their directors have, in fact, completed such training? Fear not, there’s a way to verify […]

Can “pet-free” condos pass a rule allowing cats?

An interesting case came out of the Condo Authority Tribunal recently. It dealt with the situation of a condo corporation who had historically not enforced its pet prohibition against cats and who needed to find a way back into compliance. Survey Is your condo pet-free? What pet-related provisions are in place at your condo? Before […]

Are condo *officers* held to a lower standard than directors?

As most of our readers know, the affairs of a condo corporation are managed by a board of directors. But the Condo Act also requires the board to appoint (at least) two officers (the president and the secretary). Who are these “officers”; who can appoint them and who do they report to?  You may be […]

Webinar: Condo Low Law Palooza with lawyer friends (June 1 at 5pm)

For our final episode of the season (!), we’ve invited some of our condo lawyer friends from across the province to join us in (what we hope to be the first annual) Condo Low Law Palooza! The best legal minds in the industry will present their favourite recent legal case.  Check out our speaker line […]

Can condo owners ask for *draft* AGM minutes?

As most of our readers know, AGM minutes are submitted to owners for approval at the following AGM.  A question that often comes up is whether owners can access draft minutes before then, for instance, in the context of a records request. This request may be accompanied by a criticism over how long it takes […]

Provincial Elections: Do you know the rules on canvassing in condos?

Ontario’s provincial election is just around the corner.  Blue, green, orange and red electoral signs (we listed them in alphabetical order) are popping everywhere. Boards and property managers will soon receive requests from candidates and their representatives wanting to access the property for canvassing purposes. Condo boards and property managers should be aware of the canvassing […]

Can owners park oversize trucks in condo parkings?

A Toronto condo corporation was in dispute with the tenant of a parking unit over the size of their truck. The matter was brought to the Condo Tribunal (the CAT), who had to rule on whether the tenant’s “oversize truck” was in breach of the condo’s governing documents.  The CAT ruled that it did but […]

Webinar: Deep Dive on Human Rights and Accommodations in Condos

Condo owners and residents are required to comply with their condo’s governing documents, which sometimes restricts some of their rights. In fact, condo corporations have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure owners and residents do comply.  But what happens when someone cannot comply with these documents as a result of a disability or […]

Can a condo candidate demand a neutral chairperson?

In a recent case, the court was asked to rule on the fairness of an upcoming condo election. The takeaway is that courts are not likely to entertain theoretical potential issues but prefer to deal with actual breaches (if any), after the meeting. Facts of this case As is often the case, the parties involved […]

Webinar: Deep Dive on Condo Liens, Chargebacks and Legal fees

Condo corporations are not-for-profit organizations who rely on owners paying their “condo fees” on time.  They also need to be able to charge back to owners expenses that specific owners impose on the Corporation. If owners fail to make these payments, the rest of the innocent owners suffer. Having said that, not all chargebacks are […]