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Month: January 2022

Ontario moving back to Step 3 on Monday: What that means for CondoLand

[We are still updating this page to reflect measures to come in effect on February 17, 2022.  Please check again later. For now, you may want to consult a summary of the changes here.] On January 20, 2022, Ontario announced the easing of some public health measures over the next 3 months, starting on January […]

How to increase the number of directors on your condo board?

The Condo Act sets out the minimal number of directors that are required to sit on a condo board. It also provides for the mechanism to increase that number.  In this blog post we explore this question. Don’t miss next week’s webinar: Deep Dive on Condo Boards. More info and registration link. Minimum number of […]

Webinar: Deep Dive on Condo Boards of Directors

There are some 45,000 condo directors in Ontario.  Overworked and under thanked, these men and women are essential to the governance and functioning of some 12,000 condos. But who are these people and what is expected of them? In this webinar we cover everything you never dared to ask about condo directors: How they work; […]

Easing of some health measures affecting Ontario CondoLand

On January 20, 2022, Ontario announced the easing of some public health measures affecting CondoLand over the next 3 months. At the time of publication, we only had access to the press conference and press release but expect to know more once any new regulation is published by the province. In the meantime, below is […]

The CAT evicts its first condo cat (and imposes costs)

This blog post could have been titled “The first CAT eviction” but such a title may have lead to some confusion.  Still, in one of its first decision of 2022, the Condo Authority Tribunal (CAT) has evicted its first feline pet (so far, all other pet cases involved dogs). There were a couple of issues […]

Webinar: Must condos close their fitness amenities under Step-2 (Wed. Jan 12 @ 5pm)

There seems to be a lot of confusion (or perhaps a little willful blindness) around what Modified Step 2 means for condos.  Your Condo Adviser team tackled this thorny topic. Topics Step 2 measures Gathering limits in condos Masks and face covers Screening requirements Short-term rentals and guest suites Elevator etiquette Indoor recreational amenities Indoor […]

What does ‘Modified’ Step-2 mean for Condo Land?

On January 3, 2022 and in response to the spread of the Omicron variant, Ontario announced that it would move back to a Modified Step 2. Within hours, Ontario issued new regulation amending its already existing Step 2 regulation. On this page we provide a summary of the new measures as they apply to condos. […]

Ontario announces new COVID measures affecting condos

Update: Check out our exhaustive summary of the new Modified Step-2 measures. ++++++++++ Ontario announced today new COVID-related measures affecting condos across the province. At this point, we only have today’s press release to go on but below are some of the measures affecting condos: Ontario returning to a modified Step 2 of Ontario’s roadmap […]