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Ontario easing some health measures on Feb.17

On February 14, Ontario announced that it was further easing some of the public health measures under Step 3.  These new modified measures will come into effect on February 17.  Below is a summary of the most important condo-relevant changes.

For a complete list of measures applicable under the upcoming modified Step-3, check our Covid summary.

Gathering limits

Social gathering will be limited to:

  • 50 people indoors (up from 10)
  • 100 people outdoors (up from 25)

Organized public events will be capped at 50 people if held indoors.  There is no limit for outdoor organized public events.

It is important to note that, while the province is increasing the gathering limits, not everyone is quite ready yet to pile up in a meeting room for your AGMs. For the time being, we continue to recommend that you hold your owners meetings virtually.

Similarly, many directors (and managers) will prefer to continue to hold their board meetings virtually.


Sports and recreational fitness amenities will no longer be limited to operate at 50% capacity (but spectator areas (if any) will continue to have this 50% capacity limit).

Masks will continue to be required while in the gym (with the usual age and disability exemptions) except while engaging in an athletic or fitness activity. A little common sense will need to be exercised here: while you don’t need to wear a mask while exercising, you should probably wear one when going to/from machines or while transiting through the area.  You’ll need to adapt your approach to the size/layout of your fitness room.

The rest of the Step-3 measures will continue to apply, including the requirement to COVID-screen those using the facilities.

Recreational amenities

Similarly, indoor or outdoor recreational amenities will not longer be limited to operate at 50% capacity but capacity will continue to be limited to that permitting those present to keep a 2-metre distance from each other.

For indoor recreational amenities, all other measures applicable to sports and recreational fitness amenities will continue to apply.

Other measures which will continue to apply

All other condo-relevant Step-3 measures will continue to apply, including:

  • Mask wearing while on indoor common elements (with usual age and health/disability related restrictions);
  • Posting notices at the entrances informing all on how to COVID screen (passive screening);
  • Actively COVID screening all person who work at the corporation;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting as is necessary to maintain a sanitary condition;
  • Complying with legislation (such as Occupational Health and Safety Act);
  • Complying with the advice, recommendation and instructions of public health officials, including any advice, recommendations or instructions on physical distancing, cleaning or disinfecting.

Check our COVID summary

You can see an exhaustive list of all measures applicable under this Modified Step-3 by clicking on our COVID-tool.

Links to regulations

Here is a link to the regulation amending Step 3 measures.  This regulation may be a little difficult to understand as it is the blueprint amending Regulation 364/20. In a couple of days, you should be able to view a consolidated version of the regulation applicable to Step 3 here.

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