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Webinar: Deep Dive on Condo Liens, Chargebacks and Legal fees

Condo corporations are not-for-profit organizations who rely on owners paying their “condo fees” on time.  They also need to be able to charge back to owners expenses that specific owners impose on the Corporation. If owners fail to make these payments, the rest of the innocent owners suffer. Having said that, not all chargebacks are valid. We have seen far too much abuse, which have forced owners and condo corps to face off in court.

This webinar tackles this thorny topic of condo liens and chargebacks.

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Topic:     Condo liens, chargebacks and collecting legal fees
Date:        This webinar was recorded on April 6, 2022
View on demand:  See below


  • Regular monthly common expenses
  • Chargebacks:
    • Damage to common elements
    • Damage to units
    • Insurance deductible amount
    • Indemnification provisions
    • Fines or administrative fees
  • Condo liens
    • What they cover
    • What they don’t cover
    • Process to lien a unit
    • Timing of lien
  • Power of sale
  • Can condos charge back legal fees incurred to secure compliance with condo rules:
    • Before the Amlani case
    • The Amlani case
    • Now what?
  • What legal fees can be recovered in a judicial proceeding:
    • Small claims
    • Superior court of justice
    • Condo Authority Tribunal


The Gowling crew:

  • Rod Escayola (Gowling WLG)
  • Graeme MacPherson (Gowling WLG)
  • David Plotkin (Gowling WLG)

Guests: (we’re still working on this)

  • Josée Deslongchamps (DES Services – Condo Manager)
  • Michelle Joy (Wilson Blanchard – Condo Manager)
  • Roger Ouseley (Ouseley Hanvey Clipsham Deep LLP)

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April Webinar
EV Stations in condos
Wed. April 3 at 5pm
CPE credits: 1.0
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