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Silent Night…

Only a couple of days ago, we had different plans for our Christmas post. It was going to be full of light and cheers and laughter. We were looking forward to it with excitement.

But it was not to happen.  

Less than a week before Christmas, tragedy struck at the heart of a condo community; at the heart of all condo communities. It was in Vaughan but it could have been anywhere else.  In a horrifying act of senseless violence, a man shot and killed five of his neighbours in their homes. We would soon discover that all victims were either on the board of directors or linked to those who were. They were targeted for their volunteer work and for their dedication to their community.

Five precious lives were cut short:

Rita Camilleri
Vittorio Panza
Russell Manock
Lorraine Manock
Naveed Dada

Doreen Di Nino is fighting for her life.

They were parents, grandparents, lovers, siblings and friends.  Accomplished individuals, music lovers, tireless volunteers. They smiled, they laughed, they sang and danced. They loved and were loved.

Without difficulties, we can imagine that these victims and their families were getting ready for Christmas. They too, like many of us, were buying and wrapping presents; preparing food and decorating their homes. They were looking forward to family gatherings, Christmas music, laughter and cheers.

Instead, families, neighbours and friends are left with a silent night.

May the memories of those we lost rest in heavenly peace.


Dear Friends,

Tonight, many of my Jewish brothers and sisters are lighting the 5th candle of their Hannukiah. In these dark times, may we be a source of light for one another.

As we approach Christmas Eve, now more than ever, let there be peace on earth and goodwill on CondoLand.

Merry Christmas.

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