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Month: February 2023

Webinar: Tenants in condos (Wed. March 1 @ 5pm)

Cohabitation between owners occupying their units, those leasing them out and tenants is not always easy. As a result, there has been an increasing number of condo cases involving tenants.  What most of these cases bring to light is the overlapping but conflicting legislation regulating condos and that regulating tenancies. Are there different classes of […]

Both tenant and landlord responsible for tenant’s disruptive conduct

A recent case out of the Condo Tribunal highlights very important (and costly) lessons for both the owner and tenant of a unit following a chronic pattern of disruptive and aggressive behaviour on the tenant’s part, which unreasonably interfered with the comfort and quiet enjoyment by other residents. Landlords may want to pay attention to […]

Storage lockers in underground parking garage against Fire Code?

In a recent decision, the Ontario Fire Safety Commission ordered a residential condo corporation to remove all items stored in 52 wired caged storage locker units located on various levels of its underground garage because they were in breach of the Ontario Fire Code. An important (and likely costly) decision raising issues of life, safety […]

April Webinar
EV Stations in condos
Wed. April 3 at 5pm
CPE credits: 1.0
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