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Thank you 2 million times!

We launched the CondoAdviser blog on a cold evening, on March 24, 2015.  Nine years later, on February 29, we hit the milestone of 2 million views!

Since then, amazing #CondoGeeks have contributed to the blog, including Jocelyn Duquette, Graeme Macpherson, David Plotkin, Nailah Ramsoomair.

Over the last 9 years:

  • We have published some 492 posts;
  • We have typed some 338,000 words on all things condo;
  • We have had some 863,773 visitors;
  • We’ve received 4 Clawbies awards and a Legal Influencer mention;
  • And, as of February 29: our content has been viewed 2 million times!

Our most popular blog posts

Our most popular blog post this past year:

Our most popular one ever:

As for our magnificent AGM Calculator, it has been used more than 63,000 times!

Our busiest

Our busiest year was 2020, the year a world pandemic hit the world and CondoLand.  That year alone, we published 82 posts and were read more than 428,000 times. That year, we also lunched our webinar series!

Our busiest day ever was January 3, 2022: the day Ontario was plunged back into lock down! That day, we published Ontario announces new COVID measures affecting condos.  It was read 2,900 times!

Wow! What an amazing ride it has been!

Thank you

A special thank you to Denise Lash (Lash Condo Law) who has gotten me to blog in the first place.

And most importantly, 2 million thank yous for your trust!  We don’t take that for granted.

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