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Should Condo AGMs be Cancelled Amid the Coronavirus Crisis?

The single most asked question (after “why are people stocking up on toilet paper?”) is should you cancel/postpone your AGM this year, as part of the required social distancing measures? While the situation is in flux, here are our views on this. Don’t miss out on our weekly webinars on how condos can best tackle […]

Coronavirus in Condos

There is no need to cause unnecessary panic over this but, there is no denying it either: the Coronavirus has reached our shores and is spreading. Our first comment will be one of cautious optimism.  Indeed, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) continues to assess the public health risk as low for Canada. Still, […]

Webinar: COVID Update – Reopening Amenities Safely (Sept. 9 /20)

After a lazy summer hiatus, the Fab Fours and your favourite Condo Twins are back!! Topics Naturally, our first episode will focus on… you’ve guessed it: COVID. Lots has happened since our last webinar of last Spring:  Ontario had ended the emergency, most of Ontario has entered into phase 3 and many cities have adopted […]

Toronto moves to Stage 3 and Requires Masks in Condos!

Did you feel the earth shake yesterday? Ontario gave Toronto and Peel Region the green light to move to Stage 3 (with the rest of the province), effective July 31; Toronto passed a by-law making masks mandatory in all condo interior common areas, effective August 5! Click here for an easy-to-follow chart with your new […]

CondoVirus Webinar: “Electronic Voting (June 3)

Episode 12: “Electronic Voting” Last week, we dealt with electronic voting.  To help us with this, we invited CondoVoter to host Gowling Landings’ next AGM. We walked through e-voting from beginning to end: The Preliminary notice; The General notice; How candidates will upload their disclosure and bios; What the ballot will look like; How will owners vote; […]

CondoVirus Webinar: “Reopening CondoLand” (May 20)

Episode 10: “Reopening CondoLand” Topics: Reopening Ontario What restrictions have been lifted? What is the practical impact on condos? Management Puzzle Can we go ahead with… Window washing? Landscaping? Interior maintenance/repairs of common elements? Benches/gazebos/patios? BBQ season (private and communal)? Social events? Realtors’ visit of amenities? Legal Enigma In-unit renovations precautions, a step-by-step guide What […]

CondoVirus Webinar: “Coming Out of the Dark” (May 13)

Episode 9: Coming Out of the Dark Topics:  Ontario is cautiously easing restrictions and CondoLand is chomping at the bit to return to normal. Locking down was the easy part. Holding back and prudently easing off will be far more difficult. This week, our expert panel will tackle the following topics: Easing Restrictions Update on […]

CondoVirus Webinar: The Light at the End of the Tunnel” (May 6)

Episode 8 – The Light at the End of the Tunnel May 6, 2020 Topics:  Legal Enigma The new list of essential services Reopening Ontario: where do condo fit? Virtual AGMs Minute takers in a virtual setting Governance in post-covid Engineering Stumper Compliance with prompt payment legislation during Covid Conducting projects while social distancing Safety/Security […]

CondoVirus Webinar: “The Long and Winding Road” – April 29

CondoVirus Webinar: “The Long and Winding Road” Episode 7 – April 29 Topics:  Legal Enigma The province has adopted an urgent order in council: Postponing all AGMs Allowing for e-meeting and e-voting Authorizing electronic communications Permitting virtual board meetings What does it all mean for you? To call or not to call your AGM? How […]

Past Condo Webinars On Demand

The wait is over! We’ve finally posted our past webinars.  You can now view them on demand! You can stream our past webinars (and access the various resources shared) by clicking on our Webinar tab (at the top of the page) or by scrolling below. This Week’s Condo Webinar Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on […]