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Webinar: Deep dive on condo insurance (Wed. Feb. 7 @ 5pm)

The single most complicated issue in condo land is insurance. Not a day goes by without clients asking us what insurance is required; who pays for damage to a unit; who pays the deductible amount.  And not a single day goes by where we don’t answer: “It depends”.  Let’s clarify this question once and for […]

Condo liens, oppression, insurance deductible and other firefighting lessons

Sadly, this case started with eggs being inadvertently forgotten on a stove and ended with an owner losing his home when he refused to pay the deductible amount being charged back to his unit. In this blog, we discuss the validity of condo liens and the deference that will be granted to condo corporations who […]

Webinar: Deep Dive on Condo Insurance (April 7 @5pm)

The single most complicated issue in condo land: Condo Insurance. Survey If you have not done so already, consider taking our survey on condo insurance.  This will help us get an accurate picture of insurance challenges in CondoLand. Probably best to have this answered by the director with most knowledge on your insurance file. Have […]

CondoVirus Webinar: Facing Condo Insurance Challenges (June 24 )

Episode 15: Insurance in Condos This week, in the last episode of the season, we thought we’d tackle condo insurance. Specifically we will tackle the following: Condo Insurance Challenges What affects the premium and the deductible How to keep both low Changes in the insurance industry affecting condos Adopting a Standard Unit by-law The purpose […]

Are we Facing a Condo Insurance Crisis?

Many are sounding the alarm, claiming that the condo industry is facing an insurance crisis. We will explore this over the next few posts. In the meantime, to help us better understand the state of insurance in the condo world, we encourage our readers to take our survey on condo insurance. [This survey is easier to […]

New Regulations on Insurance, Complaints Procedure and the Code of Ethics for Condo Managers

New year: more changes to the condo industry.  The province of Ontario has issued today an update on recent condo law changes taking place in early 2018. Specifically, the province has confirmed the implementation of more provisions and of new regulations under the Condo Management Services Act, which will come into effect on February 1, 2018. In […]

Condos Have More Time Before Changes to Insurance Regime

Much ink has been spilled in the last few months over the upcoming changes to the insurance regime applicable to condominiums. In particular, a lot has been written about existing Insurance deductible by-laws and any looming deadline to re-arrange your corporation’s affairs on this front.  Well, we may all have more time to breathe… Help us […]

Major Changes to Condo Insurance and Repair Obligations

The province of Ontario is in the process of adopting sweeping changes to the Condominium Act.  In this post we discuss how the new provisions will drastically change who is responsible to repair (and therefore who is responsible to insure) condominium units.  Corporations should consider acting quickly to put in place various protections which may no […]

Is the Insurance Industry Turning Its Back on Condominiums?

According to a recent article in the Globe and Mail, shoddy construction, rising claims for water damage and inadequate regulation is leading insurance companies to refuse to insure condominium corporations.  In the meantime, premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing.  Not just in Vancouver:  in Toronto and in Ottawa too.  Worse, in some cases, condominium corporations are […]

Who pays for shared expenses when there is no shared facilities agreement?

Usually, condo corporations sharing assets or equipment have in place cost sharing agreements. But in many cases, there aren’t such agreements or those in place are inadequate. The question in today’s post: who pays for shared expenses in these cases? The Court of Appeal has recently ruled on this in one of our cases. Facts […]