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Webinar: EV charging stations in condos (Wed. April 3, 5pm)

Plug into this webinar to learn everything you need to know about EV charging stations! From the initial owner consultation, to securing grant money, installing the infrastructure and registering of EV Agreements. Click here to register! CPE Credits:  This webinar has been approved for 1 hour of CPE credit Topics EV charging stations Intro to smart […]

Webinar: Deep dive on condo insurance PART 2 (Wed. March 6 @ 5pm)

This webinar is the second of our series on condo insurance.  In this episode discuss the pros and cons of Standard Unit by-laws and Insurance Deductible by-laws. We also opened the floor to questions from our viewers. You can watch a recording of this episode. CPE Credits: This activity has been approved for 1.0 CPE […]

Webinar: Deep dive on condo insurance – Part I

The single most complicated issue in condo land is insurance. Not a day goes by without clients asking us what insurance is required; who pays for damage to a unit; who pays the deductible amount.  And not a single day goes by where we don’t answer: “It depends”.  Let’s clarify this question once and for […]

Webinar: Ask a lawyer any [condo] question – Wed. Dec. 6 @5pm

In  line with the holiday spirit, we decided to try something a little different for this one.  Your three favourite condo lawyers took on  your condo questions, live on air. Tune in to listen to their pointers and best practice advice in response to condo questions from their viewers. Watch on demand You can watch […]

Webinar: Changes to common elements

An oddly recurring set of questions we get deals with modifications to common elements.  Who can modify them and under what conditions? What about Corporations? Can they modify common elements and, if so, what’s the level of consultation required to do so? Who pays for what? …. etc.  Join us to learn on this from […]

When, why and how to change condo manager (Webinar)

A good condo manager is essential to the smooth operations of your condo. Through thick and thin, your manager is your most trusted ally and, in many cases, your first responder. For this reason, it is essential to build a trusting and respectful, long-term relationship with them.  Still, sometimes, the “fit” is lost and management […]

Webinar: Back to [Condo] School ! (Wed. Sept. 6)

With September at our doors, we are launching our webinar season! As we have over the last 3 years, we will aim for 5 pm on the first Wednesday of each month.  As always, we’ll do our best to keep them useful, relevant and fun! We are launching our season with our  “Back to [Condo] […]

Webinar: Condo Low Law Palooza with condo lawyer friends (June 21 at 5pm)

For our final episode of the season (!), we’ve invited some of our condo lawyer friends from across the province to join us in our annual Condo Low Law Palooza! The best legal minds in the industry will present their favourite recent legal case.  Check out our speaker line up below! You don’t want to […]

Webinar: Tenants in condos (Wed. March 1 @ 5pm)

Cohabitation between owners occupying their units, those leasing them out and tenants is not always easy. As a result, there has been an increasing number of condo cases involving tenants.  What most of these cases bring to light is the overlapping but conflicting legislation regulating condos and that regulating tenancies. Are there different classes of […]

Webinar: Life and Safety in condos (Wednesday Feb. 1 @ 5pm)

Recent tragic events in the condo industry are raising new (and pressing) questions on condos’ ability to ensure the safety and security of their owners, directors and managers.  Our February webinar covers the various mechanisms in place and those we ought to implement to improve our collective safety.  Our speakers focus on threats, dangerous conduct […]

April Webinar
EV Stations in condos
Wed. April 3 at 5pm
CPE credits: 1.0
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